Gailey made the right moves


According to the Buffalo News, the Buffalo Bills workout program has started. Even though mandatory minicamps have not started yet, but Bills head coach Chan Gailey is already making the right moves.

According to the report, Gailey removed the 12 televisions and replaced a lot of the equipment with free weights.

Those two simple moves right there should decrease the amount of injuries the Bills will suffer for several reasons.

First, weight lifting machines aren’t as effective as free weights. The reason is that the machine acts like a fulcrum and alleviates some of the work load. Thus, 220 pounds on a machine is really 200 pounds.

Secondly, television while weight lifting is bad, because the rule is no more than one minute in between sets and with television if a rerun of your favoite show is on it could be several minutes in between sets, which nullifies the effectiveness of the exercise.

Thirdly, weight lifting is fun, but it can also be dangerous to many distractions could wind up killing you or cause serious damage. Just ask former USC running back Steffon Johnson.

In the end, if the Bills do solve their injury problems with these moves the defense should be improved upon last year.

Good night and good luck.

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