Gailey made the right moves


According to the Buffalo News, the Buffalo Bills workout program has started. Even though mandatory minicamps have not started yet, but Bills head coach Chan Gailey is already making the right moves.

According to the report, Gailey removed the 12 televisions and replaced a lot of the equipment with free weights.

Those two simple moves right there should decrease the amount of injuries the Bills will suffer for several reasons.

First, weight lifting machines aren’t as effective as free weights. The reason is that the machine acts like a fulcrum and alleviates some of the work load. Thus, 220 pounds on a machine is really 200 pounds.

Secondly, television while weight lifting is bad, because the rule is no more than one minute in between sets and with television if a rerun of your favoite show is on it could be several minutes in between sets, which nullifies the effectiveness of the exercise.

Thirdly, weight lifting is fun, but it can also be dangerous to many distractions could wind up killing you or cause serious damage. Just ask former USC running back Steffon Johnson.

In the end, if the Bills do solve their injury problems with these moves the defense should be improved upon last year.

Good night and good luck.

Could Reid be gone soon?


According to ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, via, a senior Philadelphia Eagles official has told him that there is right now no favorite to land quarterback Donovan McNabb. That means head coach Andy Reid has lost the power struggle, which means he will most likely be gone soon.

According to earlier reports, Reid wants to keep McNabb. The reason being Reid’s contract expires in four years and McNabb would most likely retire then.

On the other hand Eagles management wants to keep quarterback Kevin Kolb. That most likely means owner Jeffery Laurie stepped in and decided McNabb is the guy that is going to be traded.

Now, don’t get me wrong the Eagles management no matter who gets traded will want to keep Reid. However, what will most likely happen is that Reid will retire sooner than anticipated.

In the end, unless Kolb turns out to be just as good as McNabb the Eagles are making a big mistake.

A look back


According to, via, a reader named Chance Michaels discovered a full page newspaper article on the National Football League from 1940.  So, we shall take a look back at the type of player of that day.

The 1940’s was the first decade that the NFL required players to wear helmets.  The helmets of this era were the leather helmets.

As for the rest of the uniform the rest is pretty much the same.  The only difference is that the uniforms were long sleeves.

As for the teams the Washington Redskins, Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Giants are all still in the same city.  The Cleveland Rams are the Saint Lois Rams and the Brooklyn Dodgers eventually became the Indianapolis Colts.

As for the players they are all lighter as weightlifting did not become important until the 1980’s and the offensive lineman weighed a lot less as obesity was probably not a huge issue back then as MacDonalds was born in 1940.

In the end, it was an interesting find and hopefully it will remind fellow Americans that there is a big obesity problem.

Facebook: Friend or Foe?


The website face book has been one of the big parts of Web 2.0.  However, is it really helpful or hurtful to people.

That all depends on what type of content that you put on your Facebook page.  The reason being, in the article Examining Students Intended Images of Facebook, that 77 percent of employers are using search engines to look up people.

When I first signed up for Facebook I thought it was wonderful, because I could keep up with some of my old friends from high school.  Now, I use it as a tool to keep up with friends, but also as a way to advertise my site.

The way that Facebook should be used is to develop new contacts and friends, which should also include teachers as they usually have contacts within the industry you want to go into.  Not the way many college students use it to show off how cool they are with their drinking photos and half naked bodies.

Facebook is a public domain and should remain a public domain, but if your page to be private then do so with the privacy settings.  Just don’t sit there and complain about how you got screwed out of a job, because of a photo on Facebook.

There are no rules or etiquette as you can post whatever information that you want about yourself and how you feel.

Fortunately, for me I have never had an awkward moment to arise.  Most likely that will happen when an old classmate finds some photo from school.

In the end, don’t do anything that you would come later to regret.