Whitner isn’t going anywhere


There have been someone question about the future of strong safety Donte Whitner.  That has been solved Tuesday with Chan Gailey’s comments to the media.

According to the Buffalo News when Gailey was asked about the defensive backs he said, “”I’m talking about your top eight players, this is as strong a group as I’ve ever been around,” he said. “Even the backups in Buffalo … Our backup safeties are Bryan [Scott] and [George] Wilson. That’s two pretty good safeties.”

Question about Whitner’s future arose when he was injured last year and  Wilson filled in nicely.  However, Whitner is the better at the two, especially in regards to the running game as he can get to the line of scrimmage on a run play from his deep cover two position very fast.

Now, don’t get me wrong Wilson still has a chance to eventually start, but he would have to impress the coaches in training camp and on the playing field.

In the end, moving Whitner back to the starting strong safety position was the right move to do.

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