Bills took right approach with overtime


The Buffalo Bills were one of the teams that voted against the changes to overtime Tuesday.  The way they approached it was the right way.

What is more notable about their vote is the fact that head coach Chan Gailey is the one that made the decision.  According to Tim Graham of ESPN, when asked about the reason why Gailey cast the vote general manager Buddy Nix said, “If it’s a decision that involves the game and playing, then I think the coach should make it. “To me, he’s the guy that’s got to deal with it.”

Head coaches aren’t allowed to vote on the issue and most likely never were even allowed to express their opinions about it considering the level of frustration in head coaches comments about it.

According to, in an interview with Peter King on Sirius NFL Radio New Orleans head coach Sean Peyton stated that when the vote happened a lot of owners weren’t ready for it.

In the end, the whole saga with overtime looks like one complete disaster.

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