McNabb better start warming up to Buffalo


According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, via Tim Graham of, the Buffalo have indeed had contact with the Philadelphia Eagles about quarterback Donovan McNabb. Even though it has been reported McNabb doesn’t want to go there he better start warming up to the idea.

In the report the other team that contacted the Eagles about McNabb was the Oakland Raiders.

The fact of the matter is that it is not about ehat he wants. The Eagles will trade him to the team that gives the best offer and if the team is is not in the NFC.

In the end, the Bills are his best option as they are the closest to getting in the playoffs.

Good night and good luck.

Crumpler should have an impact on Patriots


The New England Patriots had a huge void to fill with the departure of tight end Ben Watson in free agency.  However, it didn’t take long for the Patriots to fill it.

According to the Boston Herald, via, the Patriots have announced the signing of tight end Algee Crumpler.

Crumpler last year with the Tennessee Titans caught 27 passes for 222 yards and a touchdown.  That is not bad considering he was the second tight end on the depth chart to Bo Scaife.

Last year for the Patriots Watson caught 29 passes for 404 yards receiving and five touchdowns.  That means there should be no drop off with switching to Crumpler.

In the end, its business as usual for the Patriots.

Bills took right approach with overtime


The Buffalo Bills were one of the teams that voted against the changes to overtime Tuesday.  The way they approached it was the right way.

What is more notable about their vote is the fact that head coach Chan Gailey is the one that made the decision.  According to Tim Graham of ESPN, when asked about the reason why Gailey cast the vote general manager Buddy Nix said, “If it’s a decision that involves the game and playing, then I think the coach should make it. “To me, he’s the guy that’s got to deal with it.”

Head coaches aren’t allowed to vote on the issue and most likely never were even allowed to express their opinions about it considering the level of frustration in head coaches comments about it.

According to, in an interview with Peter King on Sirius NFL Radio New Orleans head coach Sean Peyton stated that when the vote happened a lot of owners weren’t ready for it.

In the end, the whole saga with overtime looks like one complete disaster.

Whitner isn’t going anywhere


There have been someone question about the future of strong safety Donte Whitner.  That has been solved Tuesday with Chan Gailey’s comments to the media.

According to the Buffalo News when Gailey was asked about the defensive backs he said, “”I’m talking about your top eight players, this is as strong a group as I’ve ever been around,” he said. “Even the backups in Buffalo … Our backup safeties are Bryan [Scott] and [George] Wilson. That’s two pretty good safeties.”

Question about Whitner’s future arose when he was injured last year and  Wilson filled in nicely.  However, Whitner is the better at the two, especially in regards to the running game as he can get to the line of scrimmage on a run play from his deep cover two position very fast.

Now, don’t get me wrong Wilson still has a chance to eventually start, but he would have to impress the coaches in training camp and on the playing field.

In the end, moving Whitner back to the starting strong safety position was the right move to do.

Will McNabb be a Bill?


Rumors are starting to swirl about the possibility of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb being traded to the Buffalo Bills.  The question is now will these rumors actually come to fruition?

There were reports last month that the Bills contacted the Eagles about McNabb, but that was just merely an inquiry to his availability.  However, there has most likely been new contact with National Football League owner’s meeting taking place.

According to the Philadelphia Inquire, the rumor yesterday was McNabb to the Bills for draft picks.  That has not yet happened, but there is most likely truth in the story.

It has been proven scientifically that when a story is told person to person each time it is told the story changes, which means the story over time becomes completely different from the truth.  That is most likely the case here.

What most likely happened is that the Bills met with the Eagles yesterday and proposed McNabb for draft picks for which that conversation ended with okay sounds good, but we want to discuss this further.

Tuesday, over lunch or dinner the Eagles met to discuss the trade offers and what they would like to do.  That meeting most likely ended with the determination that the Bills would be the team if they decide to deal McNabb and a certain other team if they decide to trade back up quarterback Kevin Kolb.

The key thing to remember is that it has been report that the front office wants to deal McNabb, while Reid wants to deal Kolb.  That is the hold with the McNabb trade and how the rumor got out as Reid probably told his fellow coaches, which they then in turn blabbed about.

In the end, Bills fans need to remember nothing is done and remember that people do change their mind.