Will help last?


Many retired National Football League players will finally get help with the new Health Care Reform Bill, which the Buffalo News gave details of,  even though it will not take full effect until 2014.  The big question is will the help last until 2014

The help until 2014 will come in the form of a new high risk pool for uninsured people with medical problems that is funded by five billion from the government.  The question is though will there be enough funding for the pool until 2014?

The five billion is an estimate, which means that there could be more people using that pool than at first expected.  That means the pool would then have to be supplemented again by congress, which there is no guarantee that democrats will be still in control.

With midterm elections coming this year the best thing for the retired players to do is get coverage now and and get treated as soon as possible.

In the end, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

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