New overtime rule is window dressing


National Football League owners passed today a resolution that modifies overtime in the playoff. However, all it is just mere window dressing.

According to, the NFL announced that on the first possession of overtime a team cannot kick a field goal and must score a touchdown to end the game.

The problem with overtime is that the team that loses the coin toss usually doesn’t ever see the football. That still is going to be the case with the changes.

Teams in overtime kick field goals, because they are in their opponents territory and a field goal is the safest route to end a game.

The reason the change won’t matter is becuase defenses by that time are gassed from the full game and the current drive.

Don’t get me wrong I am for no change as if you cannot due your job tough deal with it. However, if the majority of fans want change then so be, which should be a format similar to college as it is more exciting and fair.

In the end, you can expect owners to be dealing with overtime again in a few years.

Good night and good luck.

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