New overtime rule is window dressing


National Football League owners passed today a resolution that modifies overtime in the playoff. However, all it is just mere window dressing.

According to, the NFL announced that on the first possession of overtime a team cannot kick a field goal and must score a touchdown to end the game.

The problem with overtime is that the team that loses the coin toss usually doesn’t ever see the football. That still is going to be the case with the changes.

Teams in overtime kick field goals, because they are in their opponents territory and a field goal is the safest route to end a game.

The reason the change won’t matter is becuase defenses by that time are gassed from the full game and the current drive.

Don’t get me wrong I am for no change as if you cannot due your job tough deal with it. However, if the majority of fans want change then so be, which should be a format similar to college as it is more exciting and fair.

In the end, you can expect owners to be dealing with overtime again in a few years.

Good night and good luck.

Will help last?


Many retired National Football League players will finally get help with the new Health Care Reform Bill, which the Buffalo News gave details of,  even though it will not take full effect until 2014.  The big question is will the help last until 2014

The help until 2014 will come in the form of a new high risk pool for uninsured people with medical problems that is funded by five billion from the government.  The question is though will there be enough funding for the pool until 2014?

The five billion is an estimate, which means that there could be more people using that pool than at first expected.  That means the pool would then have to be supplemented again by congress, which there is no guarantee that democrats will be still in control.

With midterm elections coming this year the best thing for the retired players to do is get coverage now and and get treated as soon as possible.

In the end, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Nobody is safe


Many National Football League fans may think that elite level quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are immune from being poked fun at.  That is far from the case and the leatest example is in The Boston Globe, via

When asked which boxer does Brady style resembled, which was in regards to Brady’s recent stint with boxing training, head coach Bill Belichick said, “Somebody who gets knocked out.”

A football team is a family and just like any other family when someone achieves a lot of success they are going to get poked at and made fun of whenever they do something stupid.  The reason is to ensure that they don’t get too full of themselves and to remember that there are other people that helped along the way.

Another example of this is former New England Patriot, Buffalo Bills, and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe.  When asked how his relationship was with former head coach Bill Parcells he would go on to describe that whenever he made a mistake Parcells would let him have it.

Yes, it stinks sometimes when you are the person on the receiving end, but those who are successful learn to harness it.

In the end, we all make mistakes and it is what a person does in its aftermath that matters.

Bills should sit down with Culpepper


According to Tim Graham of, via, free afent quarterback Daunte Culpepper stated to him that he would like to talk to the Buffalo Bills. Since the Bills have no starting quarterback they should take him up on the offer.

Bills general manager Buddy Nix told Graham that there would be an open competition and that they are comfortable with the quarterbacks the haves. Nix did go on to state though that a t fourth quarterback xan be added if head coach Chan Gailey wants.

For many Bills fans adding Culpepper would be ideal thing to do as a lot of Bills fans have grown weary of quarterbacks Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Culpepper obviously would only be a short term answer. That means the Bills would have to add a quarterback in this year or next years’s National Football League Draft.

In the end, there is only a slim chance that Culpepper will be signed as Gailey’s resume shows that he is very capable at molding quarterbacks.