Bills get in on the act

Standard has been for a while now trying to figure out the top draft pick of all time.  That has in turn prompted the Buffalo Bills to create a micro-website to determine the teams All-Time draft picks, which will be revealed at a draft party April 22nd.

Bills fans have to choose 10 of the All-Time Bills draft picks, which are sorted out by round.

What Bills fans need to remember the site is geared toward who are the All-Time draft picks and not the All-Time Bills.  The reason being that when people are going through it Bills fans will be wondering where are tight end Pete Metzelaars and wide receiver Steve Tasker.

Those two players were not original draft picks by the Bills.  Metzelaars was originally drafted by the Seattle Seahawks and Tasker was drafted by the Houston Oilers

As Chris Brown of pointed out the interesting aspect of this is the weighing of what round a player was selected in.  For example, former Buffalo Bills offensive tackle Howard  Ballard was selected in the 11th round of the 1987 National Football League Draft and Ballard made two consecutive Pro Bowls in 1992 and 1993 when the Bills were in the midst of their four consecutive Superbowls, which is the reason he is on my list.

So, who were my other nine?

Those would be of course quarterback Jim Kelly, defensive end Bruce Smith, running back Thurman Thomas, outside linebacker Darryl Talley, offensive tackle Will Wolford, wide receiver Eric Moulds, guard Joe Delamielleure, defensive end Aaron Schobel, and wide receiver Lee Evans.

In the end, let the debate begin.

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