Twitter has some uses


Twitter exploded onto the scene a short time ago, which for the most part is just useless.

However, there are some ways that Twitter is used that makes the site very useful.

Twitter itself being a microblog is useful as its 140 character limit forces people to get straight to the point in regards to something.  As in a regular blog an author can go on a completely useless rant that may not even be about what the article is.

Yes, Twitter still is a pain in the rear as there are all those needless posts like I am taking a shower, I am going for a bike ride, or I am going to eat dinner.  However, compared to other social networks it is nothing as Facebook have mountains pointless needless information like results from quizzes, causes, groups, or results from games played.

I myself have used Twitter, but for information gathering from sports players or members of media outlets.  The reason being that I personally see no other real use for it

As in the article the Twitter Explosion the site is very useful when it comes to breaking news like hurricanes, blizzards, or other events that have ever constant changing circumstances.  A good example of this is the Iran Twitter Revolution where Iranians used the medium to get out what is going on, which was changing every minute with the crackdown by the government on protesters.

The future of Twitter is the breaking news along with Hollywood Stars constantly updating what they are doing to let their fans know what is going on, which may reduce the number of paparazzi.  The reason being Twitter is popular amongst journalists as a means to try and break news first before everyone else and people are fascinated with what stars do in their daily life routine outside of what made them millions.

Also, Twitter can be used as a means to get information out from individuals in the government on proposed measures and bills.  That way he can mobilize the masses to gain enough support if someone proposes an idea that they feel is wrong to make them change their mind.

In the end, another website will come along that will be the latest craze.

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