Is it time to renovate the Ralph?


It has been over a decade since Ralph Wilson stadium had a major renovation when in 1999 the luxury suites were installed.

That has gotten me wondering if it is time for renovation project to Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Several questions pop in my head every time I pass the Ralph on my way home from Banfield, which is a veterinarian hospital in PetSmart.

First, when it the hell are they gonna replace those pig troughs for urinals in the mens bathroom?

Every time I go to the bathroom I felt like a pig on a farm.

Secondy, when are they going to repave the parking lots?

The parking lots are in such disrepair that they make the city of Buffalo’s streets look newly paved.

Third, when are the rest of the seats going to be replaced for heated seats?

When the Ralph was renovated the sideline club sections had heated seats installed back in 1999.

In the end, with Arrowhead Stadium being renovated last year it is time for the Bills to follow suit.

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