A good assesment


CBSSports.com’s Clark Judge takes a comprehensive look at the Buffalo Bills.

In it Judge does a solid job of breaking down each position.

In the end, rather than breaking it down and trying to summarizing your better off clicking the link above.



Well I just found out that I have been approved as a member of the Pro Football Writers of America.

Past presidents of the PFWA include former Buffalo News columnists Larry Felser and Vic Carucci.

Current Buffalo News Buffalo Bills beat reporter Mark Gaughan is currently vice president.

In the end, hopefully this improves the overall quality of the site.

The way Tebow will get throwing motion down


Many experts have been skeptic of former Florida Gator’s quarterback Tim Tebow ability to change his throwing motion.

However, there is a way for Tebow to get it down.

Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren stated recently that the hardest thing to change for a quarterback is his throwing motion.

The reason being that muscle memory takes over during a game.

The one thing that Tebow can do is just practice the throwing motion again and again without the drop back.

When people talk about muscle memory they are talking about automatic memory like walking, talking, brushing teeth, and etc.

Tebow just practicing the throwing motion during practice is not going to be enough.

In the end, it is a good start, but he still has a long ways to go.

Is it time to renovate the Ralph?


It has been over a decade since Ralph Wilson stadium had a major renovation when in 1999 the luxury suites were installed.

That has gotten me wondering if it is time for renovation project to Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Several questions pop in my head every time I pass the Ralph on my way home from Banfield, which is a veterinarian hospital in PetSmart.

First, when it the hell are they gonna replace those pig troughs for urinals in the mens bathroom?

Every time I go to the bathroom I felt like a pig on a farm.

Secondy, when are they going to repave the parking lots?

The parking lots are in such disrepair that they make the city of Buffalo’s streets look newly paved.

Third, when are the rest of the seats going to be replaced for heated seats?

When the Ralph was renovated the sideline club sections had heated seats installed back in 1999.

In the end, with Arrowhead Stadium being renovated last year it is time for the Bills to follow suit.

Will Henderson be the same?


According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, via ProFootballTalk.com, Minnesota Vikings linebacker EJ Henderson plans to be ready for training camp in August.

The big question then will be can Henderson return to the same playing level he was at prior to his injury.

Henderson suffered a sever leg fracture in a game against the Arizona Cardinals last December.

Henderson is a private person and didn’t want to go into details of the injury and the rehab process.

However, modern medicine have made a lot of strides since former Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theisman suffered a similar severe fracture that ended his career.

In the end, even though Henderson will be fully healed it will most likely be a full season before his injured leg is strong as the other one.

Its now or never for Tebow


The whole football world’s eyes will be on Gainesville, FL as the Florida Gators conduct their Pro Day, which includes quarterback Tim Tebow who is debuting his new throwing motion.

Simply, it is now or never for Tebow.

Tebow skipped throwing at the National Football League’s Combine to have more time to practice his new throwing motion.

That means all of his hopes of getting selected in the first round of the NFL’s Draft in April ride on this performance today.

The only thing that is holding Tebow back from being one of the top picks in the Draft is his throwing motion as it is way to slow for the NFL.

In the end, Tebow needs to be near perfect to get into the first round.