Enough talk NFL


National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell announced the new co-chairmen of their Head, Neck, and Spine Medical Committee.

The fact of the matter is for this change to be effective they need to do one thing.

Dr. Hunt Batjer of Northwestern University, Mr. Richard Ellenbogen of the University of Washington, and Dr. Mitchel Berger of the University of California, San Francisco are the new co-chairmen of the committee.

The problem has been the committee in the past has not recognized the work of Dr. Bennett Omalu who discovered Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

The evidence that Dr. Omalu and his partner Dr. Julian Bailes has compiled the committee has still rejected their work.

In the end, for the NFL to truly make strides in preventing concussions they need to recognize Dr. Omalu’s work.

Good night and good luck.

Bills are finally on the board


The Buffalo Bills for the first time in a while have quiet in free agency.

That is until Tuesday.

According to Fox 31 in Denver, the Bills signed linebacker Andra Davis who should start at the weakside middle linebacker spot.

Then later in the day ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the Bills then signed defensive lineman Dwan Edwards who should start at defensive end.

The moves were definitely needed as Spencer Johnson was figured to be a starter at defensive end until the signing, and he is not starter material.

Davis should allow the Bills to start linebacker Kawika Mitchell at outside linebacker.

In the end, the defense will be suspect at best until they get a real nose tackle.

Leaf needs to learn the hard way


According to the San Diego Union Tribune, via ProFootballlTalk.com, former San Diego Chargers quarterback Ryan Leaf is near a plea deal with Randall County prosecutors after being indicted on nine different charges.

Considering the circumstances surrounding the case Leaf should have to learn the hard way of the consequences of drug addiction.

As an assistance coach of West Texas A&M, Leaf broke into a players apartment and stole pain killers to feed his addiction to hydrocodone.

Sometimes an addiction is so strong that the only way for a person to overcome it is a strong wake up call.

Motley Crue bassist Nikky Sixx heart stopped from a heroin overdose.

After paramedics revived him and a short stay at the hospital Sixx checked himself out and went home.

When he got home Sixx shot himself up again and fell asleep.

When he woke up he saw the needle in his arm and realized he had a problem.

Its usually instances like these or jail time that a person that has a severe drug addiction realizes their problem.

According to the report, prosecutors say Leaf has a 50-50 chance at jail time.

In the end, if Leaf doen’t serve jail time and doesn’t get help then the next time he is arrested the book should be thrown at him.

Porter shot himself in the foot


Free agent linebacker Joey Porter made it be known that he wants to play out west near his home.

That statement has cost Porter millions of dollars.

The only team that Porter visited, after bring released by the Miami, was the Arizona Cardinals.

That Cardinals offer wasn’t that great, so Porter has been waiting for another since.

The only other team to show interest in Porter was the Buffalo Bills.

In the end, if Porter wants to get paid decently and start he should call back the Bills before its too late.

What does McCoy visit mean?


According to Scout.com, former Texas quarterback Colt McCoy will visit the Buffalo Bills April 11th and 12th to conduct a private workout.

With McCoy being the second quarterback to work out for the Bills what does it mean.

The answer is really nothing as it just confirms that quarterback will be one of the positions in the mix when the Bills draft ninth overall.

Each team are allotted a certain number of private workouts, which I believe is 30.

So, the Bills have to be selective about it.

With the draft being a little over a month away Bills fans will start hearing of other players working out for the Bills.

In the end Bills fans should pay attention to this as their first round pick will come out of these workouts.