Roethlisberger really is a piece of crap


There have been all sorts of stories since word has broke that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback has been accused of sexual assault in Georgia.

Those stories have been proven to be true as Roethlisberger really is a piece of crap.

According to, the two off duty police officers that were with Roethlisberger the night of the incident were really his security guards.

However, the way he treats them they are more his personal waiters.

At the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Roethlisberger made a hand gesture and one of the men brought him a piece of gum.

Also, Roethlisberger made another one put up an eight foot high security fence with him right after he signed his new contract back in 2008.

In the end, if Roethlisberger keeps treating people this way Steeler ownership is going to show him the door.

NFLPA can get bent


The National Football League Players Association announced that two retired players will join the executive committee.

Upon further review NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and the rest of the players can get bent.

According to, the two retired players that are coming abord will not be able to vote.

Hello McFly?

Its not like most NFL fans have the intelligence of Beavis and Butthead or Spongebob Squarepants or Patrick Star.

No doubt there are some NFL fans that are extremely intelligent.

You know what I am really REALLY PISSED OFF!!!

I am sick and tired of seeing rertired player used, abused, and struggle while jerks out there like Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger go around partying like there is no tommorrow.

Clearly the move was to try and make themselves look like the good guys.

In the end, all it did is make them look more like idiots.

Orton would be an immediate upgrade


According to the Denver Post, the trade for quarterback Brady Quinn became official today, which has kicked off speculation if Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton is available for trade.

Orton may not be an elite level quarterback, but he is by far better than what they have on their roster right now.

Orton last year for the Broncos threw 3,802 yards passing with 21 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

Buffalo Bills quarterbacks Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick combined for 2,591 yards passing with 15 touchdowns and 17 interceptions.

With Bills head coach Chan Gailey having a reputation for building quarterbacks the Bills would by far have a better offense than in recent years.

The question would be how much would it cost the Bills?

The Broncos tendered Orton at the first round level, so the Bill might be able to acquire him for a second round pick this year and a fourth next year.

In the end, the Bills probably will won’t pursue it and draft a nose tackle and a offensive tackle.

Aggression don’t mean anything


According to’s Tim Graham, the Buffalo Bills 3-4 defense will be molded after Albabama Crimson Tide’s head coach Nick Saban’s 3-4 system.

That is all well and good, but they still have one main problem.

According to the article, this passage in one of Saban’s playbook from his time as LSU head coach.

“[Our] philosophy on first and second down is to stop the run and play good zone pass defense. We will occasionally play man-to-man and blitz in this situation. On third down, we will primarily play man-to-man and mix-in some zone and blitzes. We will rush four or more players versus the pass about 90 percent of the time.

“In all situations, we will defend the inside or middle of the field first — defend inside to outside. Against the run, we will not allow the ball to be run inside. We want to force the ball outside. Against the pass, we will not allow the ball to be thrown deep down the middle or inside. We want to force the ball to be thrown short and/or outside.

“Finally, our job is to take the ball away from the opponents’ offense and score or set up good field position for our offense. We must knock the ball loose, force mistakes, and cause turnovers. Turnovers and making big plays win games. We will be alert and aggressive and take advantage of every opportunity to come up with the ball. … The trademark of our defense will be effort, toughness, and no mental mistakes regarding score or situation in any game.”

Great speech coach, but the Bills main problem is they will be unable to stop the run with Kyle Williams as the nose.

I am excited about the overall possibility that the team will eventually become a winner under Bills head coach Chan Gailey, but that will not be for a wile as they have to get more pieces for the defense and a quarterback.

In the end, Gailey can do all the talking he wants, but Bills fans know that what really matters is their record at the end of the year.

Davis would be insurance


According to, Josina Anderson of KDKR in Denver, CO is reporting that former Denver Broncos free agent middle linebacker Andra Davis is scheduled to visit with the Bills and take a physical Tuesday.

His signing will give the Bills insurance if outside linebacker Aaron Schobel decides to retire.

Davis last year for the Broncos recorded 90 tackles and 3.5 sacks as the strong side linebacker in their 3-4 defense.

With the Bills Davis would play the weak side middle linebacker with Paul Posluszny playing the strong side linebacker.

That would allow the Bills to move Kawika Mitchel to the strong side outside linebacker spot with outside linebackers Aaron Maybin or Chris Kelsay playing the weakside outside linebacker spot.

If Schobel were to return for 2010 then he would start at weakside linebacker with Kelsay most likely moving inside to play the right defensive end spot, thus giving them some depth at defensive end.

Also, with Davis’ experience in a 3-4 system he will be able to help the other linebacker make the transition.

Salary cap was out of control


According to, twelve teams are under 2009’s salary cap floor of $107.

Clearly, the salary was getting out of control.

The seven teams that are underĀ  $100 million are the Kansas City Chiefs ($79 million), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($79 million), the Jacksonville Jaguars ($81 million), the Cincinnati Bengals ($85 million), the Arizona Cardinals ($91 million), the Saint Louis Rams ($92 million),and the Buffalo Bills ($98 million) with five other teams under the $107 million.

The fact of the matter is teams spend money to resign their own players that are worthy of huge contracts.

These seven teams just simply don’t have a lot of good players that are worthy of such a contract as most of their draft picks as of late have not turned out very well.

Obviously, teams that are close to the Superbowl have salary numbers that are well above the $107 million.

In the end, players need to realize that the formula that former National Football League executive director Gene Upshaw forced upon NFL owners was bad for everyone this round of collective bargaining negotiations will be long and drawn out.