What Quinn trade means for the Bills


Buffalo Bills fans that were hoping the team would trade for quarterback Brady Quinn were disappointed when the Cleveland Browns traded Quinn to the Denver Broncos.

So, what does the Quinn trade mean for Bills fans?

There are two options for the Bills at this point.

What the Bills will most likely do is eitherĀ  just stick with their current group of quarterbacks or draft a quarterback they like at a certain slot in the National Football League Draft.

Most likely the team will just stick with the current group of quarterbacks and see what they can get out of them.

Then if head coach Chan Gailey feels that he will not be able to win with any of them then the Bills will go after a quarterback.

In the end, Bills fans are going to have to live with either Trent Edwards or Brian Brohm at quarterback.

Nobody is safe in Cleveland


The Cleveland Browns today made two trades sending quarterback Brady Quinn to the Denver Broncos and outside linebacker Kamerion Wimbley to the Oakland Raiders.

Clearly, nobody is safe in Cleveland.

The Browns received from the Broncos running back Peyton Hillis, a sixth round pick in the 2011 National Football League Draft and a conditional 2012 draft pick.

Then from the Raiders the Browns received a third round pick in this years draft.

It is obvious that Cleveland Browns president is stripping the team down to the bare bone and rebuilding the team through the draft.

In the end, everyone is available for the right price and that includes left tackle Joe Thomas.

Ryan setting wrong example


According to the Associated Press, via ProFootballTalk.com, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is undergoing a procedure to put a “lap-band,” which is an adjustable band around his stomach.

Ryan is sending the wrong signal with the surgery.

The fact of the matter is that there is no substitution for hard work, especially in the National Football League.

What Ryan did was send a message that it is okay to take the easy way out.

Does Ryan have a problem with food? to

Yes, as since he has took over as head coach of the Jets Ryan has gained 30 pounds.

However, Ryan has a food addiction, which can only really be solved by getting counseling to learn the tools to over come it.

I myself am addicted to pop as I can go through a 12 pack of pop in a day or two depending how much time at spend at home.

If it were not for me drinking diet pop I probably would be well over 300.

In the end, we all have our demons, but the only way to conquer them is to meet them head on.

Bills have two glaring holes


The New York Times, via ProFootballTalk.com, broke down the 2009 game film of the Buffalo Bills.

Upon further review the Bills have two glaring that need immediate attention.

Like I stated before the Bills need a nose tackle as Kyle Williams cannot handle double teams.

The other is two offensive tackles as Demetrius Bell is not going to be anymore than a backup and newly acquired Cornell Green is nothing more than a scrub.

According to the report, Bell has slow feet and offensive tackles that have slow feet don’t usually workout as starters.

In the end, if the Bills don’t address these things in April’s upcoming National Football League Draft it will be a long 2010.