Don’t bother buying tickets for Bills


Defensive lineman Jimmy Kennedy talked with the Buffalo media while visiting the Buffalo Bills today.

If what Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News wrote about the nose tackle position is true then Bills fans shouldn’t bother buying tickets for the Bills.

According to the article, the Bills are planning on Kyle Williams starting at nose tackle.

That is the worst decision that head coach Chan Gailey and his coaching staff could have made.

Williams is terrible against double teams and gets pushed around like a rag doll.

Why do you think the previous coaching staff moved him from the nose tackle in the first place?


I can guarantee you that if Williams starts at the nose tackle spot the Bills will once again be the worst team against the run and will go on to have another terrible season as the offense will never see the field.

In the end, the Bills better take a nose tackle in one of the first two rounds or they are going to have trouble selling out games this year.

Good night and good luck.

Packers taking right approach


According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Green Bay Packers today extended contracts to safety Nick Collins and nose tackle Ryan Pickett.

Simply, the Packers took the right approach.

With no salary cap many players that would have been unrestricted free agents are restricted free agents this year.

Some National Football League teams will be foolish and let players play under their one year restricted free agent tender.

The smart teams will take the same approach as the Packers, because if a team doesn’t there will be so many contracts that will need to be done a couple players are going to be able to walk away.

Also, the news is big as other teams will be looking at the contracts to see how they are structured.

In the end, this is most likely the start of big money contracts.

Is Owens done?


National Football League’s free agency is well under way.

However, with the way things are going for wide receiver Terrell Owens it looks like he is done.

The only team that Owens visited was the Cincinnati Bengals , but they signed wide receiver Antonio Bryant.

It looks like that his reputation of being a pain in the rear has caught up to him.

Teams will put up with someone that is a pain like owens as long as he is producing at a high level.

However, Owens didn’t produce all that well and struggled to get open at times as he has lost a step.

In the end when the season starts there is a good possibility Owens will be sitting at home.

Really? No duh


According to the Associated Press, the National Football League’s Injury and Safety Panel has found that from 2002-2008 that players who played on field turf were 88 percent more likelier to suffer serious knee injury.

Really, no crap you dumbasses.

Most NFL fans have realized that there is no difference with the field turf when it comes to injuries.

Just because field turf has blades of grass instead of woven pieces of plastic makes it no better.

Yes, I know how field turf is , because the Hamburg Central school district replaced their football field surface with the field turf.

So, one day I decided to take a close look at.

There is no difference as the blades of plastic grass are woven into a carpet with rubber pellets to soften falling on it.

The reason that there is no difference when it comes to knee injuries between the two is due to the fact that players suffer knee injuries on the two surfaces when their cleats get stuck in the carpet.

With grass the ground gives away, thus creating holes in the ground or a divot.

The report states that the panel will not give any recommendation on which surface to use as they need whether they are wearing the right type of shoes on artificial surfaces.

The fact is that it doesn’t matter what type of shoe it is as any cleat will get stuck in it and football players have to wear cleats, because of the season going into the winter.

In the end the panel needs to grow a pair and tell the owners to only use grass.

Are collusion charges coming?


National Football League executive director DeMaurice Smith stated he woukd be watching free agency closely this year.

With owners spending very little on free agents you can expect collusion charges coming.

The claim will most likey entail the fact that teams are not signing restricted free agents to offer sheets in order to keep keep costs down.

The most likely reasons that owners aren’t signing restricted free agent is that the compenst to sign some of these players is just too high for players that are still relatively unproven.

Also, with a restricted free agent a team has the right to match the contracted offered by another team, which is usually the case.

Teams have therefore decided not to even bother as they are tired of doing the dirty work of another team.

In the end Smith can whine and complain all he wants the fact of the matter is owners and front office people have realized free agency is a waste of time.

How Improved will Browns be?


According to Adam Schefter the Cleveland Browns signed tight end Ben Watson to a three year $12 million contract with $6.35 million.

The question is now will the Browns be improved in 2010?

The Browns also just recently traded for quarterback Seneca Wallace.

Those two acquisitions might win them another game or two, but no more than that.

The real problem is with their defense as they are terrible on that side of the football.

The only solid player they have on that side of the football is Shaun Rodgers.

After that your guess is good as mine if anybody else is good on defense, which I highly doubt.

In the end its going to be a long season for Browns fans in 2010.