Well put


I cannor put it any better than this.

Hey man, I think that you must not have actually listened to the WECK show because Brad never made any out of line comments about your family. They just read exactly what you wrote on the blog. I listened back again online to see if I missed it, but they honestly didn’t. I think you’re way out of line making those claims and them being wrong. In fact – on the show both Brad and the other guy STUCK UP FOR YOU and for two weeks now have been telling people to stop making negative comments to you. In fact yesterday the quote i just listened to was, “stop sending the negative emails because it’s just unwarrented and unneeded. If you have something negative to say about it send it to us instead because he doesn’t need that.” I never even heard of your blog before Brad read it on his show, so you might even owe Brad a, geez thanks for giving me airtime. You felt ok posting the other comments, lets see if you have the guts to post one that actually tells the truth. Just write about the NFL and don’t get caught up in all the side nonsense.

In the end I made it policy to not comment on other shows and I should have stuck to it.

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