Did Donahoe and Modrak see this coming


Back in the 2004 National Football League Draft then Buffalo Bills general manager Tom Donahoe set out to get a quarterback of the future.

Many people in the Buffalo media have been critical of Donahoe for standing pat and not trading up to get Roethlisberger, but one has to wonder with his latest transgressions was the reason they stayed at 13th overall due to that they saw this kind of behavior already?

I remember a passage from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson from his autobiography about football players behavior.

Johnson went on to state that he always heard about the partying and all the women that to get it on with the football players.

I wouldn’t doubt that somewhere along the lines that When Donahoe, assistant general manager Tom Modrak, and other scouts sat down with Roethlisberger’s Miami of Ohio coaches they informed him that he was extremely talented, but was high maintenance due to his partying.

Just think of it Bills fans we could be the ones having to deal with this.

In the end it looks like the Bills actually made the right call back then.

Answer to your questions


A reader Chris posted this in the commentary section and it very interesting so I thought I would address it.

I don’t understand a few things.
1. Why you call yourself Kasper. Your name is Paul, right? If you want people to take you serious, use your REAL name. That would be like calling yourself BULLDOG.

That is what Brad and Scott call me from WECK, but I named the site Kasper’s Korner as a play off Casper the ghost.  If anyone wants to use a nickname my nickname in highschool was Kabuki.  I got the nickname from when I first moved into the neighborhood in Cheektowaga I was white and it was the middle of August, which was due to playing hockey in a shaded area with friends.  I look at it that it is Japanese and they are smartest and most honor bound people

2. You never critique the local sports radio stations in town. When are you going to break down Brad Ryder’s show and how he IerONEVER gets phone callers and how Bulldog also kisses up to Mike Schopp.

I disagree with how both shows are presented I feel the Jim Rome style of show is more appropriate. What I mean is pick a local subject on the Bills or Sabres to be your centerpiece and then fill in dead spots with opinions on other teams in the NFL,  NFL, or even the MLB.
3. Why not do a WHERE ARE THEY NOW? segment and find out what happened to Art Wander, Chuck Dickerson and Clip Smith.

As for Art he actually still writes commentary following Bills games and sometimes the sabres right here at www.speakupwny.com under Buffalo Sports.  As for the Coach I know Brad did an interview with the Coach right before Bruce Smith was inducted into the hall of fame and from what I remember he is in Chicago.  I tried looking him up through the white pages online, but he is not listed.  As for Clip Smith he passed away on August 24th, 2004 due to a car accident.

4. The guys on WECK were mocking you again. They talked about your children’s disabilities and made fun of the asthma medicine. I’m sure those meds are very important. How can they make fun of that.

Its public so it is fair game for criticism.

5. I agree that you do need an editor.

I would love to hire one, but I don’t have the revenue stream to do that, so I just need to keep reminding myself to reread things.

6. You might be able to get an editor and more writers if you posted a phone number for people to call or a mailing address where they can send you a resume and some writing samples. Post that somewhere on here so we know how to get a hold of you. My dad listens to your comments when Ryder and Bob Wilson on WECK read your posts. He can’t e-mail you because he doesn’t have a computer. Leave a phone number and/or address and let us HELP YOU!

If you would like to write for the site please email me at pakasprz@yahoo.com from there I will give you my cell phone number. I am more than willing to allow people an opportunity for people to have a voice as a way to pay it forward.  If I post my cell phone number on here Brad probably do something stupid with it.

7. Brad’s sidekick is a sidekick the way Andy Richter was to Conan O”Brien – not very good. Bob Wilson onW WECK is NO Ed McMahon. Please write that so he reads that and it can be used by he and Brad and their boss to fix his broadcasting style.

Really a sidekick?  LOL.  Next thing you know they will start showing up to work in spandex.

8. I hope you post a response to all of this. I know it is long but I want to hear what you have to say and I’m glad to hear you respond to readers comments. If Brad mocks you again you can tell him to go stuff a sock in it. I’m 35 years old and live in Cheektowaga and I enjoy this blog. I also have kids. I don’t think Brad and his sidekick do have kids so they don’t know what it is like. They should not mock your parenting skills. It sounds like you are a good dad. Keep it up. Use spellcheck and you should be OK. Blackberries do have spell check.

Well I guess I need to look for that feature on my blackberry.  I am afraid of doing something to make it crash, which I have actually done to this site a couple of times over the years, but thankfully I have the guys at Online Media to fix things without them none of this is even possible.

In the end input is always needed for something to be better.