Even the best make mistakes


Former Buffalo Bills and current Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams testified in conjunction with his battle against the National Football League and his pending suspension

His testimony revealed that even the best make mistakes.

According to the St. Pioneer Press, via ProFootballTalk.com, Williams testified that he started taking StarCaps when he was with the Buffalo Bills to get rid of excess fluid in his knees and ankle joints.

Also, he consulted with one of the trainers about StarCaps and the trainer checked it out and told Williams everything was legal.

Rusty Jones was the head strength and conditioning coach of the Bills at the time, which goes to show that even the best make mistakes.

Obviously, what happened is that the trainer looked at all the supplements in the bottle and cross checked it with the banned supplements list, which was not the problem.

StarCaps was spiked with a prescription drug called bumetanide, which means that it never showed up on the list of things that made up StarCaps on the side of the bottle.

In the end the Williams wall should win their case thanks to the poor communication with in the league’s office.

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