Eagles quarterback price tag to steep


Rumors have been swirling of the possibility that Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks Donovan McNabb or Kevin Kolb could be traded.

If what is being reported by ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, Via NBC Sports, then the Eagles asking price is too steep.

According to the report, the asking price for Kolb is two first round picks and for McNabb it is a first round pick and something else.


Eagles head coach Andy Reid isn’t fooling anyone, because all three of their quarterbacks are within the last year of their contract.

The Eagles have to sign one of them to a long term deal, or they are risking alienating all three.

A team may be able to talk down the Eagles for a second rounder this year and a first rounder for next year for Kolb, but two first round picks for an unproven player?

Yeah, when hell freezes over.

As for McNabb a second round pick and another based on stipulations is something I would do, but a first rounder no to much.

In the end if the Eagles do nothing they are making a mistake.

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