Can children play sports with asthma?


Doctors and laboratories are always coming up with new ways to treat conditions.

When it comes to asthma there is only one real way for kids to play sports with the condition.

I myself suffer from asthma, but it is only a mild condition.

In order for a child to be able to compete in sports they need to improve the conditioning of their lungs.

For example when I started at the gym last year I was doing squats at 185 pounds, but now I am up to 295 pounds.

I accompished this by increasing the weights by a total of five pounds every two weeks.

That same concept applies for conditioning.

So, the thing to do is go out for a walk around the block three times a week.

Then every two weeks increase it by like five feet.

When they get old enough then you can start taking them out for a jog like one time around the block and then walk the rest of the way to the normal distance you usually walk.

Always follow doctors orders when beginning physical activity.

In the end anything is possible it just takes a lot of hard work to get there.

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