All things come to an end


Well aparently Brad Riter and the guys at WECK have decided to stop playing their game that was mentioning my site.

To be honest I am glad.

I go to Buffalo State for journalism and media production.

So, to hear that my site was getting traffic due to Brad mocking it at first and then in conjuction with a game is not way I wanted to get notice.

On several occassions I offered to appear on his show, but he never took me up on it.

In the end I know someone will give me a opportunity.

Can children play sports with asthma?


Doctors and laboratories are always coming up with new ways to treat conditions.

When it comes to asthma there is only one real way for kids to play sports with the condition.

I myself suffer from asthma, but it is only a mild condition.

In order for a child to be able to compete in sports they need to improve the conditioning of their lungs.

For example when I started at the gym last year I was doing squats at 185 pounds, but now I am up to 295 pounds.

I accompished this by increasing the weights by a total of five pounds every two weeks.

That same concept applies for conditioning.

So, the thing to do is go out for a walk around the block three times a week.

Then every two weeks increase it by like five feet.

When they get old enough then you can start taking them out for a jog like one time around the block and then walk the rest of the way to the normal distance you usually walk.

Always follow doctors orders when beginning physical activity.

In the end anything is possible it just takes a lot of hard work to get there.

Eagles quarterback price tag to steep


Rumors have been swirling of the possibility that Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks Donovan McNabb or Kevin Kolb could be traded.

If what is being reported by ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, Via NBC Sports, then the Eagles asking price is too steep.

According to the report, the asking price for Kolb is two first round picks and for McNabb it is a first round pick and something else.


Eagles head coach Andy Reid isn’t fooling anyone, because all three of their quarterbacks are within the last year of their contract.

The Eagles have to sign one of them to a long term deal, or they are risking alienating all three.

A team may be able to talk down the Eagles for a second rounder this year and a first rounder for next year for Kolb, but two first round picks for an unproven player?

Yeah, when hell freezes over.

As for McNabb a second round pick and another based on stipulations is something I would do, but a first rounder no to much.

In the end if the Eagles do nothing they are making a mistake.

My switch on Stroud


In earlier posts I stated Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Marcus Stroud would be ideal for the nose tackle position.

Recently, I have changed my mind.

I changed my mind after talking to someone within the sports media.

The source stated that Stroud doesn’t want to playe the nose.

If that is the case the Bills will be better off finding someone else as a player whose heart is not into something will not give their full effort.

In the end the Bills best off appeasing Stroud as his departure would leave another huge hole to fill,

Finally closure


According to the Denver Post Willie Clark was convicted of the murder of former Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams and the attempted murder of the other passengers in the car.

For the Williams family closure has finally come.

I cannot imagine what they are going through, but I bet a huge sigh of relief was heard from the Williams family.

In the end Clark better get ready, because he is about to become someone’s girlfriend.

Moore is a gambler


According to the Charlotte Observer, Carolina Panthers quarterback Matt Moore signed his one year tender.

Essentially, Moore is gambling that he will succeed right away and parlay it into a big money deal.

Moore is foolish as 2010 is going to be his full season as a starter,

Every rookie starter has their ups and downs juts like Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers did when he took over for Brett Farve.

Also, Moore doesn’t have as many weapons as Rodgers did as he has wide receiver Steve Smith and running DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.

After them they have nothing , which means Moore will have some rough patches next year.

In the end he should have negotiated a deal.

Well put


I cannor put it any better than this.

Hey man, I think that you must not have actually listened to the WECK show because Brad never made any out of line comments about your family. They just read exactly what you wrote on the blog. I listened back again online to see if I missed it, but they honestly didn’t. I think you’re way out of line making those claims and them being wrong. In fact – on the show both Brad and the other guy STUCK UP FOR YOU and for two weeks now have been telling people to stop making negative comments to you. In fact yesterday the quote i just listened to was, “stop sending the negative emails because it’s just unwarrented and unneeded. If you have something negative to say about it send it to us instead because he doesn’t need that.” I never even heard of your blog before Brad read it on his show, so you might even owe Brad a, geez thanks for giving me airtime. You felt ok posting the other comments, lets see if you have the guts to post one that actually tells the truth. Just write about the NFL and don’t get caught up in all the side nonsense.

In the end I made it policy to not comment on other shows and I should have stuck to it.

An appology


Well I will appologize for now to Brad Riter for the comments I made in an earlier post.

Media members are at the mercy of their sources of information.

When one source is wrong things go bad.

With other readers sticking up for Brad I don’t know what is true and what isn’t

So, like I said I appologize.

Now, for what my wife does I am not appologizing as she went back on line and heard it.

Yes, I use the phrase in the end, which Brad doesn’t like, but I learned that all the great ones have a line their remembered for.

Ed Murrow made famous “This is…,” which is now used by American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and was used by former ABC Nightline anchor Ted Koppel.

I use in the end as a indicator the article is over and it is song from one of my favorite bands Linkin Park.

Even the best make mistakes


Former Buffalo Bills and current Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams testified in conjunction with his battle against the National Football League and his pending suspension

His testimony revealed that even the best make mistakes.

According to the St. Pioneer Press, via, Williams testified that he started taking StarCaps when he was with the Buffalo Bills to get rid of excess fluid in his knees and ankle joints.

Also, he consulted with one of the trainers about StarCaps and the trainer checked it out and told Williams everything was legal.

Rusty Jones was the head strength and conditioning coach of the Bills at the time, which goes to show that even the best make mistakes.

Obviously, what happened is that the trainer looked at all the supplements in the bottle and cross checked it with the banned supplements list, which was not the problem.

StarCaps was spiked with a prescription drug called bumetanide, which means that it never showed up on the list of things that made up StarCaps on the side of the bottle.

In the end the Williams wall should win their case thanks to the poor communication with in the league’s office.