Bills have their nose tackle


According to Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network, via, is reporting that defensive lineman Jimmy Kennedy is visiting the Buffalo Bills Thursday.

Signing Kennedy would fill their hole at nose tackle.

Kennedy has been a journey man for his whole career and has only started one year in 2006 for the Saint Louis Rams.

That year he recorded 39 tackles and one sack.

Even though Kennedy has been a backup for most his career the teams he played on used 4-3 defenses.

Playing the nose tackle in a 3-4 defense your main responsibility is taking up space and not getting moved around.

In the end signing Kennedy could be one  of their better free agent pickup in years.

There is one in every bunch


Every year there is always a prospect for the National Football League Draft that acts like a complete idiot and hurts his draft stock.

This year that player is former Rutgers offensive lineman Anthony Davis.

According to Mike Mayock of the NFL Network, via, Davis never showed up for Rutgers’ Pro Day Wednesday.

Davis never communicated with the coaches there that he had a hamstring injury and wouldn’t be able to perform.

Since Davis wasn’t even on campus, as he was feeling sick, the coaches called him to tell him to come in and meet the coaches that came in to watch the Pro Day.

According to the report, when Davis came in he wouldn’t even weigh in.

That plummeting sound is Davis’s draft stock as he was projected to be a first round pick, but that is most likely not the case anymore as he confirmed reports that he is immature person that allows his weight to fluctuate.

In the end nice going dumbass you just cost yourself a couple million dollars.

Roethlisberger is in trouble


According to, via, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has admitted to having sexual contact, but no intercourse with the alleged victim of his latest crime in Georgia.

In other words Big Ben is in big trouble.

Yeah, right Ben and Clinton didn’t inhale or have sexual relations with Monica Lewinski.

That is the biggest load of crap as according to ESPM Radio’s Colin Cowherd, via, Roethlisberger treats people like crap.

That means after the two made out, or whatever sexual contact they had, then when Roethlisberger went to far the alleged victim said stop.

That most likely set off Roethlisberger who is use to getting what he wants whatever he wants, because of his status as a National Football League player.

Even if there was no sexual intercourse Roethlisberger still most likely threw her down to the floor where she hit her head.

In the end what goes around comes around

A special thank you


I just want to personally say thanks to WECK host Brad Riter.

I know Brad has been critical of me, but sometimes you have to take it on the chin to get somewhere in life.

I been writing this site for three years now and I am not the type to just quit.

Yes, I am stubborn, but I learned early on in high school football that the only way you are going to succeed in life is getting back up and trying again  and again until you succeed.

A reader emailed me and asked me if I have family, friends, or my wife can proof read for me.

First, I don’t have friends as I am a loner or in a sense the lone cowboy.

I moved a total of seven times by the time I started college in 1998( yes, I am still going as I had an unofficial withdrawal in 2003, so things are still ongoing)

At age one my parents moved from North Tonawanda to Kenmore.

Then at age eight in the summer of 1987 we moved  from Kenmore to Sloan.

Then in 1988 we moved from Sloan to Cheektowaga where we stayed until 1997 when my parents filed bankruptcy.

From 1997 to the summer of 1988 we moved three times to Depew then to Lancaster and finally to South Cheektowaga.

Also, with more than 75 percent of my class into marijuana I pretty much kept to myself as my father was physically abusive and if I were to get caught doing that stuff I probably would have gotten a good beat down.

As for family I don’t talk to any of my family as I cut ties to them after making fun and putting down my children for their speech development delay, which is not a problem as they won’t shut up at times.

As for my wife’s family she only usually talks to her sister and both of them have a learning disability as they only have IP diplomas.

Also, my wife doesn’t drive so a typical day usually entails work in the morning from 7am to 10am, errands until 1:30pm, and from 1:30pm-4pm work again as my day job consists of working as a bus attendant for a transportation company.

Once I get home from work I play with my kids until about 5pm when it is dinner time.

Then after dinner my son has to take his asthma medicine.

Then at 6pm it is bath time and then after baths are done it is off to bed.

Once they head off to bead four times a week I head off to the gym.

In the end I have very little time for myself and I fit this blog in whenever I can, which means blogging on my blackberry, which doesn’t have the red editing lines when you miss type soemthing.

Bills most likely in on Quinn


According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, via, the Cleveland Browns are shopping quarterback Brady Quinn.

With the Buffalo Bills recently contacting the Eagles about a trade for one of their quarterbacks there is no doubt that the Bills are in on  this one.

What makes Quinn an attractive prospect for Bills head coach Chan Gailey is the fact that Quinn played for Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, when he was the head coach at Notre Dame, who used a National Football League style offense.

Also, Quinn is going into his fourth year in the league, which means he would be a quicker project than taking a quarterback in April’s upcoming NFL Draft.

The key question is going to be what would they have to give up for Quinn?

If the Bills can get Quinn for a third round pick and a additional late round pick the Bills should take it as it would then allow them to focus in on taking a offensive and defensive tackle.

In the end hold on to your seat Bills fans, because business is about to pickup.

Bills miss the boat


One of the more pressing needs for the Bills is a nose tackle to anchor their 3-4 defense.

Unfortunately, the Bills missed the boat for one player that could have answered that.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, via, the Washington Redskins signed defensive lineman Maake Kemoeatu to a two year $7 million deal.

Kemoeatu will obviously start at nose tackle with Albert Haynesworth moving to defensive end.

The report also state that Kemoeatu still has not fully recovered yet from his torn achillies injury he suffered last year, which could be a reason why the Bills didn’t pursue him at this time.

The thing is Kemoeatu is going to be a nose tackle where speed doesn’t really matter.

In the end the Bills missed out on a cheap quick fix.

Tebow is a target for the Bills


Former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow is one of the more intriguing quarterbacks in the April’s upcoming National Football League Draft.

With what’s Vic Carucci stated in an interview on WGRZ it is obvious that Tebow is a target for the Bills.

According to Carucci, Bills head Chan Gailey is a deeply religious person just like Tebow.

A new head coach wants his own quarterback, which is usually a player that not only has the skills that the head coach thinks it takes to succeed, but also same ideology and values as him.

What further bolsters this is the signing of offensive lineman Cornell Green to be the starting right tackle.

The signing fills their hole on the offensive line, which means Bills can now concentrate on their two biggest needs, which are quarterback and nose tackle.

In the end it looks like Bills fans will get their wish.

Some reasons why the Bills don’t need a tackle


Many Buffalo Bills fans are concerned about the offensive line after last season’s performance by the group, especially the play of left tackle Demetrius Bell.

However, there are several reason why the Bills would be fine with Bell in 2010.

When a defensive lineman is disrupting a play consistently on running plays the coaches will use double teams, which are commonly referred to combination blocks, to neutralize a defensive lineman.

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about it is this.

When the ball is snapped instead of two offensive lineman go to block a defensive lineman.

After a second or two one offensive lineman releases to go block a linebacker.

Which offensive lineman releases from the block usually depends on which side the linebacker is going to as they are moving to try and tackle the ball carrier.

Usually, on a running play this is executed by a center and a guard or a guard and tackle.

This technique also applies to the passing game, but in this case it is just not limited to offensive lineman.

On passing plays offensive lineman help out blocking another defender after they make sure they don’t have a blitzing linebacker or a defensive lineman coming around on a twist stunt to block.

On passing plays tight ends, running backs, and fullbacks are used to help out a struggling offensive tackle.

The way it works is that the tight end will be lined up next to the offensive tackle that is struggling and when the ball is snapped he will give a quick hit to the defensive end before he goes out into a pass pattern.

In regards to running backs coaches will have a running back lined up not directly behind the quarterback, but usually lined up behind the guard or tackle and give a quick hit to the defensive end before he goes out into a pattern.

Another way to neutralize defensive lineman in the passing game is play action passes as when this properly executed in a play it will draw in defensive lineman and linebackers, thus giving the quarterback an extra second or two.

Also, there is the three step drop game as these passes are executed so quick that defensive lineman cannot usually get even near a quarterback.

Finally, there is having a franchise quarterback as these quarterbacks know before the football is snapped where they are throwing the football.

In the end as the saying goes there is more than one way to skin a cat.