Bills have an option at outside linebacker


According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, via, the Oakland Raiders cut defensive end Greg Ellis.

That means the Bills have another option at outside linebacker.

Ellis before the Raiders played outside linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys.

Ellis is 34 years old, but is still effective as he had seven sacks with the Raiders last year in fourteen starts.

In the end signing Ellis would be a good move for the team with outside linebacker Aaron Schobel’s future in doubt.

Bills made the right choice


Almost two years ago in the 2008 National Football League Draft the Buffalo Bill took wide receiver James Hardy in the second round.

It looks like Hardy was the right pick.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, via, the Pittsburgh Steelers brought back Antwaan Randel El.

That most likely means wide receiver Limas Sweed is most likely going to be cut soon.

Back in 2008 Sweed was one of the options for the Bills as they wanted a tall wide receiver for their offense.

If Sweed were to come available the Bills would be foolish not to sign him as he is very talented, but cannot hold on to the football.

Former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Josh Reed had problems with drops, but the Bills stuck with him and he eventually got through it.

With a good wide receiver coach and hard work by Sweed he can still be an elite wide receiver.

In the end you can never have enough tall wide receiver as they don’t grow on trees.

A good move for both


According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, via, the Kansas City Chiefs resigned wide receiver Chris Chambers.

The move should be beneficial for both parties.

According to the report the deal is three years for $15 million with. $5.9 million bonus.

Chambers is not the same player he was with the Miami Dolphins, but he can still be an effective player.

The Chiefs are rebuilding and need a number two wide receiver to compliment wide receiver Dwayne Bowe.

As for Chambers there are not going to be a lot of teams out there that need a wide receiver.

In the end both parties needed each other.

Bills should keep an open mind


According to, via, the Buffalo Bills paid outside linebacker Chris Kelsay his $500 thousand roster bonus March 5th.

The Bills should keep an open mind about Kelsay, Aaron Schobel, and Aaron Maybin.

To be honest this is the most infuriating topic as the this is the very team that had a 3-4 defense with their defensive ends being Bruce Smith and Phil Hansen for the 1990’s.

The reason that I bring those two up is that Smith played at 265 pounds and Hansen played at 273 pounds.

The reality is that the Bills should use Maybin and Schobel at outside linebacker with Kelsay at defensive end.

That would allow the Bills to use defensive lineman Kyle Williams at the other defensive end spot and Marcus Stroud at  the nose tackle, thus eliminating the need for a nose tackle in the upcoming National Football League Draft in April.

This most likely will be the case as the Bills have a more pressing need at offensive tackle and quarterback.

That is if they don’t go out and trade for Cleveland Browns nose tackle Shaun Rodgers.

In the end their final positions will come at training camp time when practice will be full speed.

Bills need a quarterback not a tackle


Many Buffalo Bills fans are clamoring for the team to get another tackle with the loss of tackle Brad Butler to retirement.

The fact of the matter is that if the Bills are going to get back to the playoffs and win a Superbowl they need to get a quarterback.

Many people are forgetting that the Superbowl Champions New Orleans Saints played all of 2009 without the starting left tackle Jammal Brown.

Brown’s replacement Jermone Bushrod was a fourth round draft pick in the 2007 National Football League Draft.

Also, the Indianapolis Colts don’t have a franchise left tackle.

The reason being the elite quarterbacks in the NFL know before the football is even snapped where they are going to go with a football.

With this year’s draft being as deep as it is the Bills can get a starting tackle in the second or third rounds.

In the end if one of the top quarterbacks is there at ninth overall the Bills need to grab him.

Free agency is getting pathetic


Free agency was instituted in the National Football League as a way to even out the playing field.

Unfortunately, as time has passed free agency has gotten more and more pathetic.

The problem is that very few of the NFL’s top players make it to the open market as teams usually will franchise tag them or lock them up long term well before their contract expires.

The only player in recent years that had a huge impact was quarterback Drew Brees who signed with the New Orleans Saints in 2006.

The fact of the matter is the NFL is a quarterback league as if a team doesn’t have one they are terrible.

Yes, if a team is going to win the Superbowl the quarterback needs to have some weapons to throw to.

However, without the quarterback those weapons are useless.

The biggest example of how useless free agency is the Washington Redskins.

Before this year the owner Dan Snyder went out each year in free agency and spent money like water.

Now, with a legit general manager in Bruce Allen and head coach Mike Shanahan the Redskins this year have taken a completely different approach as they have yet to even sign a free agent.

The teams that win in today’s NFL don’t build through free agency, but through the draft.

In the end if a team is going to get out of the basement of the NFL they need to hit their draft picks.