Another castoff in New England


The Buffalo Bills let wide receiver Sam Aiken walk and eventually the New England Patriots signed him and gave him a bigger role.

According to, former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Josh Reed will visit with the New England Patriots on Sunday.

The Patriots are most likely looking into Reed to play the other slot position opposite Wes Welker when the Patriots go to a four wide receiver set.

Reed had a down year as he caught only 27 passes for 291 yards receiving with one touchdown.

However, that is due in part to the Bills signing wide receiver Terrell Owens last year.

In the end if Reed signs with the Patriots he will have an impact on the team.

What I learned about the Underground Railroad


The Underground Railroad is an important part of the history of our country and Buffalo played a major part in it.

However, there is a major flaw in keeping that history alive.

While searching for sites in Buffalo I came across four them being the Michigan Street Baptist Church, Concordia Cemetary, and Broderick Park.

The sad part is that nowhere does it list the following three, which are known to be stops on the Underground.

Obadiah Baker homestead, The Summit Mansion, and the marker outside of my home in Hamburg.

These came to light thanks to

Another site I learned of was the Lewiston First Presbyterian church through driving tours at

It just blows my mind that with all the technology, along with how important the Underground Railroad is to our history, these sites just have only a sign marking these places.

The whole process of making the video itself was a adventure.

First, I came up with several ideas, but they got nowhere as they wanted a little bit more notice to shoot.

The idea for the video came the very day that I was scheduled to shoot.

Shooting the video was fun even though the first shot I was hurried as it was snowing.

Also, lugging the equipment around can become tiring even though the camera is on wheels.

The most fun is the editing to me.

Seeing it all your hard work come together is an amazing thing.

In the end I hope we get to do something like this again in the near future.