Don’t expect big names from Bills


According to the Buffalo New, the Buffalo Bills will active in free agency.

Unfortunately, its not going to be the big splashy names.

Bills head coach Chan Gailely stated at his introductory press conference that he believes in the team mentality.

In other words the Bills will go out in free agency and sign guys that aren’t known that well, but their skill set will match what they want to do on offense and defense.

That is the smart thing top do as many teams just go out and get the biggest name possible thinking that, because they are so good they can play whatever.

In the end let free agency begin.

Bills fans cab rule out McNabb


According to, the Philadelphia Eagles aren’t listening to trade offers right now on quarterback Donovan McNabb.

In other forget about the Bills trading for him.

The Eagles most likely will listen to trade offers after the National Football League Draft has finished, because teams then who couldn’t grab a quarterback in the Draft will be willing to part with more picks.

The Bills are not one of those teams that trades often.

The way they usually build their is through free agency and the draft.

Even in the draft trading up or down has been very rare.

In the end Bills fans better just get use to hearing Edwards or Brohm again at quarterback.

Tucker is way off


Russ Tucker of in his latest article alleged that National Football League owners are colluding.

The claim is just a load of crap.

Tucker alleged that one of the reasons that restricted free agents have not been signed to contracts is that owners have agreed not to.

Wow, that is just plain stupidity right there.

The fact of the matter is that restricted free in the past were players whose contract expired after their third year.

Players whose contract that expires after three years are usually players that were late round dradft picks or undrafted free agents.

Tucker referred to the use of the poison pill provision that was used when the Minnesota Vikings signed guard Steve Hutchinson and Seattle Seahawks signed wide receiver Nate Burleson.

The problem is they were players that were transition tagged not restricted free agents.

The fact of the matter is that teams are not going to give up a first round pick on a young unproven player.

In the end Tucker is a good writer, but in this instance he has let his emotions from his playing days get the best of him.

Cardinals missed the boat


According to Mike Lombardi of, via, the Arizona Cardinals are willing to trade wide receiver Anquan Boldin for a third round pick.

The Cardinals really dropped the football on this one.

The Cardinals could have gotten a lot more if they would have traded Boldin earlier like they should have.

The Washington Redskins three offseasons ago was looking for a wide receiver and was willing to fork up a first rounder for a established veteran.

Boldin should have been gone a long time ago as the Cardinals had a couple of wide emerge a couple of seasons ago.

In the end great organizations know when to get rid of a player.