NFL you have a problem


For many years it has been known that at the National Football League Combine agents and teams meet to about players.

Well it has now become a huge problem for the NFL.

According to the Chicago Tribune, via, the Chicago Bears met with Carl Carey, who is the agent of Carolina Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers, at the Combine.

What makes this a problem is that Carey cannot just chalk it up to talks about a player on the Bears as Peppers is his only current contract in the NFL.

Simply, the NFL should allow teams to talk to agents starting at the Combine, but not officially allow to sign until the start of the new year.

In the end it is at the point where something needs to be done.

Good night and good luck.

Not a good day for Snyder


Tuesday has not been a good day for Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder.

The reason being a fellow National Football League owner has indirectly slapped Snyder right in the face.

Snyder’s day started off by being accused of purchasing two alligator leather desk and matching chairs for $600 thousand.

Now, Snyder is getting insulted indirectly by Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

According to the Miami Herald, via, Ross was talking about their internal budget for 2010 players’ salaries when he was quotes saying this, “I think we have the right personnel to make the right decisions. And you do what you need to do. But you don’t throw money at things just to buy victories. That doesn’t do it. It’s about your brains, not your pocketbook that does it.”

Snyder is notorius for spending in free agency to try and win a Superbowl.

However, I feel that Ross merely stating his opinion on what it takes to build a winner.

In the end you have to wonder what it will take for Snyder to learn that you don’t buy a winning franchise in the NFL you build it through the draft.

NFL needs to do some thinking


The National Football League’s annual Combine is taking place.

However, there is already one thing that the NFL needs to fix.

This year there have been major problems with the 40 yard dash.

The problem is that there are major discrepencies from unnofficial times versus the official times.

Several times NFL prospects ran the 40 yard dash with unofficial times sub 4.3 seconds.

When the official time was announced the times would be above 4.3 seconds.

With all the technology today there is still no system to get a more accurate time.

What NFL should do is ask a company like Microsoft to develop a program that wirelessly starts their time when a foot leaves a sensor plate and stops when they cross a laser.

For coaches to still resort to old fashioned stop watches is just stupid.

Stop watches are unreliable as they are dependent on people starting and stopping them.

For example, you could tape a race and time it several times and each time would be different, because of reaction time to starting and stopping the clock.

In the end the true test of speed for a football player is what is displayed on game film.

Which one is bigger?


I thought that there would never be a hole bigger than the hole in Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis’s head.

Well I was wrong as the hole in Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder’s pocket is much bigger.

According to the New York Post’s Gossip section, via, Snyder purchased two alligator leather desks with matching alligator leather chairs valued at $600 thousand.

What they ran out of oak?

Also, why the heck does he need two for?

Most likely he bought one for his office at Redskins head quarters and the other for his main business.

More importantly what the report says is that Snyder is in a spending mode, which means he is going to be spending a lot this free agency.

It is sad to see that Snyder just doesn’t get it, because he has taken a once proud franchise and has made it a complete joke.

In the end Snyder can spend all that he wants in free agency, but the reality is that it will never get him anywhere.

A great point on the Tebow saga


I personally consider the best source of news gathering in the National Football League as they run circles around the Associated Press.

The site Tuesday had a interesting post about an article in the Miami Herald.

In the report the main coach that is reponsible for fixing for Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow’s throwing motion is Miami Dolphins quarterback coach David Lee.

Lee met Tebow when the Dolphins coached Tebow’s team at the Senior Bowl.

There Lee pointed out that Tebow had to fix his throwing motion.

Lee has continued to help Tebow beyond the Senior bowl most likely out of a favor to Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano and Dolphins vice president of football operations Bill Parcells as they have the same agent as Tebow in Jimmy Sexton.

In the end simply anyone associated with Tebow will look like a genius if he succeeds.

Can Tisch and Mara get it done?


When a team in the National Football League builds a new stadium they usuallly get to host a Superbowl.

However, with the New York Jets and Giants stadium that might not be the case.

The stadium the two teams are building is an outdoor facility.

The problem is the cold weather in February as some owners feel the Superbowl should be played in warm weather.

According to the New York Daily News, via, when they present their case they will cite that some of the biggest games in history was played in cold weather.

The three owner will argue that fans don’t mind the cold weather as viewerships stays strong in throughout the year and that football was originally meant to be played in the elements when owner meeting conven March 24th-26th.

Also, one could argue that it is actually more fun to watch games played in blizzard like conditions as grown for some reasons start reverting to little kids.

In the end hopefully the three can pull it off, because the Superbowl would be so much better.