The reason why teams will avoid free agency


The feeling has been from many National Football League experts that teams will not be spending all that much money in free agency.

Well here is the reason why.

According to to the Boston Globe, the problem with many free agents contracts is going to be the disbursement of bonus money.

A contract signed by a player cannot rise more than 30 percent from the previous year.

That means with no football in most likely in 2010 teams cannot front load contracts with bonus money, because it would then exceed the 30 percent rule.

Most likely the way teams will structure deals is that they will include a provision stating that if there is no football in 2011 that year will by voided, which means 2012 cannot be more than 30 percent of 2010, or the contract will get pushed back by one year.

In the end the 2010 offseason is going to be interesting to watch.

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