Another option for the Bills?


The Buffalo Bills are in need of offensive tackle help with the retirement of Brad Butler.

One viable option has come to light through the Saint Louis Post Dispatch.

According to the report, left tackle Alex Barron can be signed for a mere second round draft pick.

So, why are they giving up on a guy that was a 16 game starter last year at left tackle and three years before that a starter at right tackle?

Simple, it is about money.

The Rams last year took offensive tackle Jason Smith second overall and signed him to six year $61.775 million with $33 million guaranteed, which is really a five year deal as the sixth year is voidable.

That means Smith is making in excess of $10 million a year, which is starting left tackle money.

Starting right tackles get paid far less as they are not as important as the left tackle.

In order to resign Barron they would have to pay him left tackle money as well.

No team can justify having two tackles being paid in excess of over $10 million a year.

Also, the Rams have a history of hitting right tackles in the middle of the draft.

With this year being deep at the offensive tackle position they can easily do that.

However, acquiring Barron would be a bad idea as he was the most penalized left tackle last year.

Yes, he was penalized more than current left tackle Demetrius Bell.

Giving up a second round pick and paying him more than $10 million a year when he is a penalty machine, according to ESPN, would be a terrible move.

They would actually be better off with Bell as he isn’t getting paid that much and has a lot more upside.

In the end the Bills are better off sticking with Bell.

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