The reason why teams will avoid free agency


The feeling has been from many National Football League experts that teams will not be spending all that much money in free agency.

Well here is the reason why.

According to to the Boston Globe, the problem with many free agents contracts is going to be the disbursement of bonus money.

A contract signed by a player cannot rise more than 30 percent from the previous year.

That means with no football in most likely in 2010 teams cannot front load contracts with bonus money, because it would then exceed the 30 percent rule.

Most likely the way teams will structure deals is that they will include a provision stating that if there is no football in 2011 that year will by voided, which means 2012 cannot be more than 30 percent of 2010, or the contract will get pushed back by one year.

In the end the 2010 offseason is going to be interesting to watch.

Good luck Taylor


Former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Courtney Taylor was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2008.

Accordinf to the Birmingham News, via, Taylor wants back into the National Football League in 2010.

Taylor was out of football in 2009, but as long as he can display he can play and be effective he should get a look from a team.

For a guy who has that kind of condition and to still keep plugging away says that he has a huge heart.

Also, just his mere presence on a team will inspire his fellow teammates to work harder, and never give up.

In the end the Bills could use a guy like Taylor.

Redskins are no surprise


According to, the Washington Redskins will go after defensive end Julius Peppers and running back Darren Sproles.

It is no surprise that the Redskins will go out and spend money like water in a uncapped year.

Redskins owner Dan Snyder doesn’t get it.

Time and time again Snyder keeps going out and signs the top free agents available in hopes he can buy a championship.

In the National Football League it is almost impossible to buy one as the small things like chemistry, communication, and teamwork.

Those things take time to develop between players, but with free agents a team is expected to win right away.

In the end it looks like Snyder will never learn.

Another option for the Bills?


The Buffalo Bills are in need of offensive tackle help with the retirement of Brad Butler.

One viable option has come to light through the Saint Louis Post Dispatch.

According to the report, left tackle Alex Barron can be signed for a mere second round draft pick.

So, why are they giving up on a guy that was a 16 game starter last year at left tackle and three years before that a starter at right tackle?

Simple, it is about money.

The Rams last year took offensive tackle Jason Smith second overall and signed him to six year $61.775 million with $33 million guaranteed, which is really a five year deal as the sixth year is voidable.

That means Smith is making in excess of $10 million a year, which is starting left tackle money.

Starting right tackles get paid far less as they are not as important as the left tackle.

In order to resign Barron they would have to pay him left tackle money as well.

No team can justify having two tackles being paid in excess of over $10 million a year.

Also, the Rams have a history of hitting right tackles in the middle of the draft.

With this year being deep at the offensive tackle position they can easily do that.

However, acquiring Barron would be a bad idea as he was the most penalized left tackle last year.

Yes, he was penalized more than current left tackle Demetrius Bell.

Giving up a second round pick and paying him more than $10 million a year when he is a penalty machine, according to ESPN, would be a terrible move.

They would actually be better off with Bell as he isn’t getting paid that much and has a lot more upside.

In the end the Bills are better off sticking with Bell.

Coming this week


Sometime this week there will be a You Tube clip that will be posted to the site.

It is not sports as it is on the Underground Railroad.

Where I live in Hamburg there is a historical sign out front of my house.

For an assignment for my web publishing class we were to shoot video with an interview and a b-roll shot.

The question I asked of my fellow tenants was did they know that the sign out front stated that there was once a stop for the Underground Railroad here.

History is a major part of us journalists and even athletes today.

If you don’t remember the past you are doomed to repeat it.

Williams is a disgrace


According to, former Syracuse wide receiver Mike Williams has character issues.

With Williams being a Buffalo native he is just a disgrace to our city.

The problem with William is that he is irresponsible as he blames everyone else for his problems.

We are a city that prides itself on its blue collar work ethic and when we make a mistake we own up to it and then correct it.

For Williams to sit there and blame everyone else is just a load of crap.

When something bad happens no matter if it is our fault or not our decisions led to that outcome.

If we don’t take responsibility for what happened and learn from it then we are doomed to repeat it.

In the end if Williams doesn’t wake up and smell the coffee his career in the National Football League will be quick.

Bills are making the right choice


Many people may are upset that the Buffalo Bills will go with their current roster of quarterbacks into the 2010 regular season.

However, sometimes the right choice is the unpopular thing to do.

Chan Gailey has a history of making quarterbacks better than what they are.

The latest example of that is the season that Miami Dolphin quarterback Tyler Thigpen had when he was the Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback in 2008 when Gailey was the offensive coordinator.

Bills quarterback Trent Edwards has shown that he can be an elite level quarterback, but somewhere along the ways he got screwed up by former Bills head coach Dick Jauron and his staff.

The Bills also have quarterback Brian Brohm who is an unknown commodity, but is very talented.

For people to sit there and call him a practice squad quarterback after only starting one game is just asinine.

The fact of the matter is that the Bills have become dangerously thin at offensive tackle with Brad Butler retiring.

In the end all of this will be forgotten if the Bills become a winner in 2010.