Personal Conduct Code a joke


According to the Associated Press, Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable will not be punished by the National Football League after investigating into allegations of domestic abuse and a fight with a assistant coach.

Now, the NFL’s Personal Conduct Code has become a joke
The NFL didn’t punish Cable, because there were no criminal chargers filed against him.

The problem is that when the Personal Conduct Code was first implemented NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stated that there doesn’t need to be charges for a person to be suspended.

The fact of the matter is that Cable did something and should have been suspended for it.

The message that the NFL is sending is that players can go out and do whatever they want and as long as they plead out to eventually no charges will be filed or eventually dropped its okay.

What happens now is that there will be more player this offseason getting arrested as they will test Goodell to see if they can get away with more now.

In the end if Goodell doesn’t start getting tougher things will revert back to the way they were before the Personal Conduct policy.

Good night and good luck.

Dream on LT


According to running back Landainian Tomlinson believes that he can play for four more years in the National Football League on a young upcoming team.

The fact of the matter is Tomlinson will be lucky to even play again in the NFL.

Tomlinson is clearly in decline after years of abuse and punishment.

Also, the competition at running back in free agency just got crowded with former teammate Darren Sproles most likely hitting the market.

Also, there is the possibility that New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush will be cut as well.

Then there is April’s NFL Draft, which is suppose to be very deep.

In the end the only way that Tomlinson is going to play four more years is in a complementary role to someone else.

Tebow should rise on boards


Many fans of the National Football League are interested in where former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow will go in April’s National Football League Draft.

After considering several factors Tebow’s stock will rise before the day of the draft.

First, the Combine will serve Tebow well as each team will be able to conduct an interview of Tebow.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, via, former NFL coach Sam Wyches stated, “I was around Montana and Boomer, and they would be at the top of the list of understand theory coming out of college. They understood concepts. This guy is right with them. I hope he gets a good coordinator and a good quarterback coach. If not, he’ll be smarter than they are.”

When Tebow conducts the interviews team will realize how smart he is, which will boost his stock.

Also, the other factor that should help is the fact that Wyche and several other coaches are working with Tebow to fix his mechanics in time for his Pro Day.

If Tebow is as accurate and has as much velocity as he did with his old motion teams will raise him up on their draft boards.

In the the end when all the predraft festivities are concluded Tebow should be a first round pick.

The Jaguars have the best chance


According to the Jacksonville Jaguars own website, via, the  team would also like to trade down to get more picks.

If there is any team that has a chance at doing just that the Jaguars have as at that point the cost of signing the draft picks is a  lot lower.

In the 2009 National Football League Draft wide receiver Michael Crabtree was taken 10th overall and the contract he signed was six years $32 million with $17 million guaranteed.

That is nothing compared to the six year $72 million contract with $41.75 million guaranteed for first overall pick quarterback Matt Stafford.

Also, at that point there is usually a player that slips out unexpectedly from the top 10.

In the end this is a extremely deep draft and there will most likely be very few trades in the first round, especially the top half of it.

Tragedy stikes NFL again


Tragedy has once again struck the football world as Moises Tatupu, father of Seattle Seahawks linebacker Lofa Tatupu, passed away at age 54.

According to the Honolulu Star Bulletin the cause of death is currently unknown.

Tatupu had health problems as he suffered from high blood pressure and other ailments.

He was selected by the New England Patriots in the eighth round of the 1978 National Football League Draft and played until 1990.

At the time of his death Mosi Tatupu was the runningbacks coach at Curry College in Waltham, Mass.

In the end our condolences go out to the Tatupu family as it is never a good feeling losing a loved one.

A valuable lesson


Yesterday at ESPN the unthinkable happened as a person pretending to be Brian Westbrook made it all the way to a live interview on ESPN Sportscenter with Scott Van Pelt.

The incident is a valuable lesson to those who want to enter the media field.

According to the Big Lead, the caller named Captain Jank, who is a Howard Stern frequent caller, stated that he initially called in posing as the Westbrook’s manager.

When told they would tape the interview with Westbrook Jank replied that Westbrook wanted to do it live.

The employee asked for a phone number and Jank gave his own and the rest we all know.

The lesson here is that if you don’t exactly know the person double check with someone within the company that has direct contact to make sure that it is the real person.

In the end you can expect a lot of new security protocols to ensure this never happens again.