What’s next for the Chargers?


According to the San Diego Union Tribune, via ProFootballTalk.com, the San Diego Chargers will not use the restricted franchise tag on on running back Darren Sproles.

The question is now what is next for the Chargers?

According to the report, the Chargers want to sign Sproles to a long term contract, but just not at the current price as they feel he is just a complementary running back.

Of course that means Sproles will hit free agency as he most likely feels he is a starter.

With no current starting running back Chargers general manager AJ Smith and his scouts are probably evaluating upcoming available free agents and calling teams to see if a player for example like New York Jets running back Thomas Jones is available.

If they cannot get one either which way they will then turn to the April’s upcoming National Football League Draft is suppose to be deep.

That means the Chargers could get a solid starter in the second or third rounds.

In the end luckily they have quarterback Phillip Rivers.

Good night and good luck.

Will the Williams family get justice?


According to the Denver Post the trial of Willie Clark on the charge of the murder of former Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams has started.

Will his family finally get justice?

Its been over three years since that fateful event and for the family it has to feel like an eternity.

The sad thing is that this should have never happened.

According to the testimony of Williams friend John Sheppard, the whole thing started when Blair Clark, who is the cousin of Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall, sprayed champagne over the crowd.

I can understand any other night at the club that shouldn’t be happening, but this was on New Years Eve.

Things get thrown, dumped, and sprayed everywhere.

If Clark felt that disrespected he should of challenged Clark to a fight outside.

Anyone with a little training can pick up and use a gun.

In the end it takes a real man to look another person in the eyes and then take him out in hand to hand combat.

Players playing into owner’s hands


According to ProFootballTalk.com, National Football League Players Association executive director Demaurice Smith sent a memo out to players and agents.

simply, the NFLPA is playing right into the owners hands.

In the memo Smith let it be known that he requested that the salary cap be extended for this years.

That means that Smith is sure that without a salary cap owners will spend less money since there will be no salary floor.

Smith would then either file collusion charges against owners and a possible unofficial strike by not showing up to strength and conditioning programs or minicamps.

The strike would be the dumbest move as players would be giving up money as teams write ib bonuses tied into showing up for the strength and conditioning program.

In regards to minicamps if they were to not go to the voluntary ones nothing will happen, but if they don’t show up to the mandatory ones they will be fined.

Also, if players were to hold out of training camp teams are allowed to recoup the prorated portion of the player’s signing bonus for that year.

In the end the best deal for the players is the one on the table right now from the owners.

Westbrook is done


The Philadelphia Eagles have released a statement today, which of course we picked up through ProFootballTalk.com, announcing that they will be releasing running back Brian Westbrook.

With his history of injuries his career could be over.

Before last season Westbrook already had a history of knee and rib injuries.

Obviously, the last straw for the Eagles was was the concussions he suffered last year.

As good as Westbrook is he cannot justify his 2010 base salary of $7.25 million.

The one question I have is did the Eagles even ask Westbrook to take a pay cut?

If they didn’t then shame on them Westbrook was just being a team player last year and rushed back too quick from his first concussion.

In the end hopefully someone will pickup Westbrook.

Who will Tomlinson sign with?


For the first time in nine years running back Ladanian Tomlinson is looking for a team.

So, who will take a chance on the future Hall of Famer?

Tomlinson is obviously looking to sign with a team that can win the Superbowl.

The most logical candidate would be the New England Patriots.

The Patriots running game has always been a suspect area as there has been no one starting running back for more than just a couple os seasons.

Running back Lawrence Maroney has been the starter for the Patriots for the last several years, but he is hurt a lot and is not an elite running back.

With Tomlinson being cut he is free to sign anywhere, which includes the final eight teams from last year.

In the end Tomlinson signing with the Patriots seems almost inevitable.

How many are using HGH?


According to ProFootballTalk.com, in Britain the first successful positive test for human growth hormone as been conducted.

That has got me wondering how bad is HGH use within the National Football League?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fullback Earnest Graham predicted that 30 percent of National Football League players.

That sounds like a reasonable number as it is not higher due to fear of getting caught somehow even though there has been no successful test until now.

Most likely the news of the positive test will have an impact on HGH users in the NFL, but just not that much as implementation of the HGH test.

In the end until the test is implemented NFL fans are left wondering who is and who isn’t using it.