Can any Ryan keep their mouth shut?


This past season was marred by all the trash talking from New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan.

Well now brother Rob Ryan is getting into the act of commenting on the feud between Cleveland Caviliers center Shaquille O’Neal and Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard.
According to Cleveland Plain Dealer, via, Rob Ryan was quoted as saying, “”As far as trash talk goes, Shaq has won four rings and the other kid [Howard] hasn’t won one. Shaq’s done everything, and the other kid hasn’t done anything. I’d say Shaq was right when he said, ‘Superman, my [behind].”

Rob will you please shut up!

I am no expert on the National Basketball Association, but I could have sworn that Shaq had just a little bit of help from guards Kobe Bryant when on the Los Angeles Lakers and gaurd Dwayne Wade when on the Miami Heat.

In the end it looks like brain cells are on short supply in the Ryan family.

Good night and good luck

Johnson would be a good mid round pick for the Bills


Former University of Southern California Trojan’s running back Stafon Johnson came close to death when weights fell on his neck while doing bench press exercises.

Johnson would be a great mid to late round pick for the Bills.

Johnson will make his return football official when he performs at the Combine later this month.

According to Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports, many are predicting that Johnson would be a mid round pick.

The reason that the Bills need another running back is that Fred Jackson is 29, which means after this year at any point his skills would start eroding.

Also, running back Marshawn Lynch as of right now cannot be trusted to even be on the field as ego is inflated bigger than the Goodyear blimp right now.

According to the article, Johnson is hell bent on accomplishing his dream of playing in the NFL.

Lee Sprewell, who has been friends with him since they were six years old, was quoted as stating, “From the injury to now, his attitude toward playing football, it’s a total transformation. He was always serious about football, but now his work ethic is so much higher, like he’s not going to take anything for granted.”

Legends of sports are not made through their skill, but their unrelenting determination to be the best.

In the ends the other 31 teams that don’t take Johnson will come to regret it.

Rams and Buccaneers trade rumor just that


The big news of the day comes from, as they are reporting that there is a trade rumor involving the Saint Louis Rams and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

However, lets face it this piece of news is just that a rumor.

The trade would involve the Rams sending the first overall pick in this upcoming April’s National Football League Draft to the Buccanners for the third overall pick, their third round pick, and quarterback Josh Johnson.

Lets face it the source was someone on the Rams who was told by one the executives to float this story out there in order to drum up trade interest in the first overall pick.

The reason is that nobody wants the first overall pick due to the sheer asinine amount of guaranteed money that they have to give the person that is drafted there.

Also, nobody would foolishly make a trade before Combine and Pro Day workouts have been completed that in order to make sure that nobody suffers an injury.

For example, lets say the Buccaneers and Rams actually made the trade before the Combine.

Then at the Combine or his Pro Day, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, who is thought to go first overall right now, suffers an injury.

What would could happen then is the Buccaneers could then take the player the Rams were targeting when they traded down.

In the end the Rams have a better chance at seeing pigs flying than a team trading up.