Quarterback still an option at ninth


Many people right now are thinking that the Buffalo Bills may have no choice but to take a offensive tackle at ninth overall in April’s upcoming National Football League.

However, that is not the case as a quarterback at that slot is still an option.

The reason being is thanks to the inseason pickup of guar Richie Incognito off waivers.

Incognito is a restricted free agent and the Bills will most likely resign him to start at left gaurd.

That way the Bills can move offensive lineman Andy Levitre to right tackle from gaurd.

Levitre can make the transition easily, because he played both right and left tackle in college.

That will allow the Bills to start Demetrius Bell at left tackle or a draft pick in the second round.

In the end it is not about need in the first round it is about hitting a draft pick.



Every Buffalo Bills fan’s jaw hit the Thursday when they learned that offensive tackle Brad Butler is retiring at only 26 years old.

The news is nothing short a thump into the gut of all ready disillusioned fan base.

Butler’s reasons were that he wanted to pursue other endeavors.

What are you thinking you idiot!

The average human being can play football until they are about 35 before their bodies given in.

That means Butler would have 30 years to pursue his other interests.

I can gaurantee you that Butler will regret leaving football in a couple of years as there is nothing like playing on that field.

Let’s face it the real motivation is that Butler was too fat and lazy to put the work in necessary to comeback from his anterior cruciate ligament.

In the end its just another example of the long over haul that is needed on the Bills roster.

What is the NFL?


The Supreme Court has taken on the case of American Needle v the National Football League.

The question that will be solved in the case is the NFL one entity or 32 separate businesses.

The answer is that they are both as when it comes to business arrangements that effect each franchise the same qay they are one entity.

For example, in regards to the Collective Bargaining Agreement they are one entity as salary cap is figured the same way for each team and so is how players are disciplined.

If the Supreme Court were to rule that way the NFLPA will not be able to decertify and sue.

That willl make the NFLPA take whatever offer is on the table.

In the end the players can gripe all they want the fact of the matter is they are getting too much money.

With Williams the Bills would be bad


According to reports the Buffalo Bills are contemplating making Kyle Williams the starting nose tackle.

If that were to happen the Bills would be a disaster again on defense in 2010.

Williams is very good at rushing the passer, but is terrible against the run.

Williams was moved from the nose tackle position in the Bills 4-3 they used last season to the penetrating defensive tackle position.

The reason being Williams cannot handle a double team as he just gets manhandled all the time.

The fact of the matter is that there is no difference in playing the nose tackle in a 4-3 and the nose tackle in a 3-4.

Both get double teamed all the time, have to stand their ground, shed blockers to make tackles, and double gap responsibility.

In the end if the Bills are going to be successful on defense it can only be Marcus Stroud or John McCargo as they can do all those things.

Hoe long does Haley have?


Thr Kansas City Chiefs are coming off of a bad year under head coach Todd Haley.

With even the offense struggling last year one has to wonder how long can the Chiefs struggle before Haley gets fired.

The Chiefs were a bad team before Haley took over, so it was not expected that they would do much.

However, once the Chiefs get more weapons for quarterback Matt Cassel, along some playmakers on defense, expectations will be raised.

If the Chiefs were to still struggle then the process towards Haley getting fired would begin.

In the end it will be at least several seasons before the Chiefs have a winning season.