Another hard lesson


According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, via, San Diego Chargers cornerback Antonio Rodgers Cromartie has lost a grievance filed against him for not paying his former agent Jason Fletcher.

With the loss Cromartie is learning a hard lesson in life.

Cromartie has seven children spread across five states, which means that he has most likely run out of money.

Just because you are a football player in the National Football League doesn’t mean that there will be an endless flow of money.

The fact of the matter is that even the littlest mistake adds up and Cromartie’s mistakes are not little, so it is not a surprise that he ran out of money.

In the end it don’t matter how much money you make or who you are if you make one wrong move you can lose it all.

Cowboys are taking a big risk


According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Dallas Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones has stated the Cowboys don’t need to use the franchise tag on wide receiver Miles Austin.

The move by the Cowboys is very risky considering the year that Austin had.

Austin caught 81 (15th in NFL) passes for 1,320 (3rd in NFL) yards receiving for 11 (tied for fourth in NFL) touchdowns.

Reason that the Cowboys feel that they don’t need to to use the tag is due to the fact that Austin is a restricted free agent.

Of course the Cowboys will use the highest tender possible on Austin, which means that if a team offers a contract to Austin they would have to give up a first round pick and a third round pick in exchange.

Considering that Austin will be only 26 years old in June giving up that for him is a bargain.the
In the end if the Cowboys don’t get something done soon this decision will come back to haunt them.

My experience using WikiHow


For class we were instructed to create a page on either Wikipedia, Wiki How, or Buffalo Wiki with a partner.
The experience I had was absolutely terrible.

The partner part of it was fine, but using Wiki How was just an absolute disaster.

The first thing that really aggravated me was that once your submitted a title you cannot go in and edit it.

So, if you typed up your title wrong it stays wrong.

Secondly, the format that which they use to write the article is terrible.

The reason being if you separated anything in the article it was though of to be a different step.

What should have been done was that there should have been like five separate boxes for five steps.

Then when a person is done with the five steps and needs more they could hit a button for more steps, which would have expanded the page.

My knowledge of this subject comes from personal experience as I workout four times a week at World Gym on camp road.

A lot of the pictures I used cam courtesy of  Peterborough Rowing.
In the end  I really cannot emphasize how terrible of an experience it was.

Black Monday in April?


General managers are usually the only front office people to get fired before the National Football League Draft.

The Monday after this April’s could be this years Black Monday.

The reason being that many of the scouts and other front office executives contracts expire shortly after the draft.

With the Bills hiring Buddy Nix as general manager, the Chicago Bears firing pro personnel director Bobby DePaul, which means they will clean house, a possible new owner with the Saint Louis Rams who will want his own guys, and the Washington Redskins hiring Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan there will be a lot of moves made after the draft.

The reason being that after the draft there is a dead period where no scouting is needed and general managers want their own guys.

In the end there are going to be a lot of homes up for sale after the draft.

Did Tequilla really win?


The lawsuits between Tila Nguyen, who is known as Tila Tequila, and San Diego Chagers linebacker Shawne Merriman have been resolved, according to the San Diego Union Tribune, via

As muich as Tequila wants to claim that she was right the fact of the matter is that Merriman settled it to make it go away.

Tequila on her Twitter page is blabbing about the case when usually there are clauses in settlement agreements for both parties to keep their mouth shut.

You can expect for some of those tweets to be deleted by Tequila soon.

Merriman did the right thing even though his pride probably told him not to.

With Merriman about to become a restricted free agent he didn’t need a distraction like this hanging over him.

In the end the truth may never be told, but I can assure you that what really happened was probably somewhere in the middle.