Bills cuts are cost cutting


The Buffalo Bills turned some heads with their roster cuts Tuesday.

There is only one motivation behind the move and that is cost cutting.

The usual reasons for cutting a player is for salary cap space and to create room on the roster.

The fact is that there is no salary cap this year and teams don’t have to be down to a certain roster number until training camp.

What the Bills are doing is cutting the lower end of their roster to be resigned at a later date at a lower salary.

If there is anyone that can get away with this ir is the Bills as owner Ralph Wilson voted against the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Is it right for teams to do this in any other instance no, but since the NFLPA got greedy last time these are the kind of tactics necessary to show that the inmatets don’t run the asylum.

What the players forget is that it is the smarts and the foresight of owners that have made the NFL as popular as it is.

In the end the players bit off more than they can chew and are gonna pay for it.

Many players are feeling the pinch


At this point in time National Football League teams are slapping players left and right with franchise tags.

However, that isn’t happening, which is going to translate to some players doing some penny pinching.

With the number of years a player has to accumilate going up from four to six years many players that would become unrestricted free agents are just mere restricted free agents.

That means a team has to tender him with an offeer sheet to retain his services, unless someone offers a contract, and that tender is usually always less than $2 million.

That is bread crumbs compared to the franchise tag, which is always over $5 million, and gauranteed.

In the end be ready players, because the way it is going you are going to have pawn some of your bling and cars to pay the bills in 2011.

Just be quiet Ray


According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, via, Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards is unhappy with National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell’s salary.

What Edwards needs to fo is just shut up.

Let’s face it the only reason that Edwards said what he said is that he is jealous that he isn’t making $10 million.

No single player should ever make more than the commissioner or the NFLPA executive director.

However, the current Collective Bargaining agreement has thrown so much money at players that their already over inflated egos have swelled.

What Edwards needs to worry about is if he is going to get a paycheck in 2011.

In the end Edwards needs to just ve quiet and appreciate what he has, because in football it can be taken away in a minute.

Will the Bills pursue Bulger?


According to Howard Blazer, via, Saint Louis Rams quarterback Marc Bulger has cleaned out his locker.

With Bulger to be a free agent soon bring the question will the Bills pursue Bulger?

Bulger was once a franchise quarterback when the Rams were good, but his play declined along with the rest of the team.

Bulger will be 33 years old in April, which means he still has solid years left in him with a good offense.

The Bills would be a perfect fit for Bulge as they have solid weapons at all the skill positions and signing Bulger would allow the Bills to go after a left tackle in the first round.

Then in the second they will most likely use their pick to address the depth on defense.

In the end Bulger with Bulger the Bills will have a good chance at winning.

A Resurrection?


Buffalo Bills wide receiver Roscoe Parrish was the long forgotten man after the team signed wide receiver Terrell Owens.

With a new coaching staff in place could his career with the Bills be resurrected.

Parrish before this past season was a dangerous weapon in the slot that at any time could take a five yard pass into a touchdown.

With both Owens and fellow wide receiver Josh Reed unrestricted free agents Parrish will get another chance.

In the National Football League today there is room for players like Parrish in a offense.

In the end with the way head coach Chan Gailey builds his offense Parrish will finally be utilized the right way.

Bell is the key


Every Buffalo Bills fan is trying to figure out who the Bills will take at ninth overall in the upcoming National Football League Draft.

The key player to what direction they will take is what head coach Chan Gailey and his staff think of offensive tackle Demetrius Bell.

General manager Buddy Nix at his initial press conference stated that the key to success on offense is having a good offensive line.

Outside of Bell the offensive line is in good shape and will even have some depth if they resign gaurd Richie Incognito.

That leaves just Bell and to his defense he was given the starting job a week before the start of the regular season.

That is an impossible job considering all the communication that goes on during a football game.

In the end the Bills should leave the offensive line alone, and look elsewhere.