Does anyone in NFL care about tampering?


Tampering has been one of the National Football League’s dirty little secret as teams and agents talk all the time at the Combine when they are not suppose to about a player that is becoming a unrestricted free agent.

With recent comments made by Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham that have gone unpunished you have to wonder if the NFL even cares that this goes on.

Cunningham commented that he like to sign a couple of the players that the Kansas City Chiefs dump as the knows several of them still.

Now, player that have previously worked for Cunningham will leverage that to get more out of the Chiefs or they will walk.

According to, the comments haven’t even registered with the league yet.

In the end if the NFL doesn’t do something quick this could turn into a public relations disaster at a time when they are trying to win fans in their fight against the NFLPA over the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Is McCoy rushing himself?


Texas Longhorns quarterback Colt McCoy missed most of the last month’s national championship game due to a nerve injury in his right shoulder.

With McCoy declaring that he will participate at the Combine one has to wonder if he is rushing himself back.

McCoy says that he is not yet 100 percent and that he would not participate in all the combine drills if doctors told him he needs more rest, according to

What McCoy should have done is participate in the interview process and the wonderlic test that are performed at the Combine, which starts February 24th.

Then wait until his Pro day to throw that way his shoulder is 100 percent.

You got to give it to McCoy though the guy is a tough competitor.

I remember reading online that in the national championship game that he tried to comeback, but was unable to as he couldn’t throw it right.

In the end if McCoy gets through the Combine okay he could be a possibility at number nine for the Buffalo Bills.

Tis the season for mockery


With the National Football League Draft two months away the mock draft are starting to fly all over the place.

So, what analysis should fans be listening to.

Well when it comes to offensive linemen the one person fans should listen to is former Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame guard Joe DeLamielleuere as he has been dead on who is going to be good and who isn’t when it comes to offensive linemen coming out of college.

In regards to network draft experts of the better draft experts has been Mike Mayock as he has been consistent with who are the best player that are coming out of a draft.

Many experts try to do to much when it comes to the draft with their analysis with their grades based on performance in college.

The fact is that college is not the same as the NFL as the talent is by far superior and those who transcend to the next level have performed consistently against top level college talent, have the work ethic, and attitude.

In the end the reality is nobody knows how a prospective player will turnout for years to come.