NFL needs to listen to NBA


The National Basketball Association is in the midst of their own collective bargaining negotiations.

With what NBA commissioner David Stern revealed in his midseason press conference during their all star break the NFL would be wise to listen to what they are doing.

In his press conference Stern revealed that he there will be a league wide loss $400 million this year and have suffered $200 million league wide losses the first four years of the current deal and more importantly the league will open their books to the NBPA to confirm this data and will make any other data needed available to them.

That is exactly the kind of approach the National Football League needs to take as they have also have claimed that several teams are struggling to make a profit.

The NFL cannot just sit their and claim financial losses without letting the NFLPA see anything.

For all they know the NFL could be lying about it.

In the end if they really want to get a deal that is fair to them they will open their books and show projections that under the current deal what teams will start losing money when in the future.

Worry about the players


The Washington Redskins have a new regime in place with Bruce Allen as general manager and Mike Shanahan as head coach.

With it comes sweeping changes and one the Redskins need to forget about right now.

According to the Washington Post, via, Allen and Shanahan are thinking about tweaking the uniforms and adding a third jersey that would be a throwback.

You mean to tell me that one of your bigger issues you like to tackle are the jerseys instead of the upcoming National Football League Draft that is in two months.

Get a freaking life get a quarterback, some additional players, and start winning you will be selling jerseys like no tommorrow.

Let’s face it the jerseys are just another revebue stream for the Redskins on free agents.

In the end Redskins fans are in trouble as these two don’t have their priorities straight.

Titans need to make contingency plans


According to Jason LaCanfora of, via, the Tennessee Titans have made it their top priorities to resign guard Eugene Amano and center Kevin Mawae who are both unrestricted free agents.

However, with Mawae 39 years old the Titans need to start making a contingency plan to replace him.

Mawae has been a warrior as he played all 16 games last year for the Titans.

The fact of the matter is that at anytime Mawae’s body can start breaking down and the Titans need to be prepared for an injury during the regular season.

In the end with April’s upcoming National Football League Draft being supposively deep this year would be the time to draft a center and groom him behind Mawae.

Everything is still in the air


Current Saint Louis Rams ownership accepted an offer fro Shahid Khan to buy the controling 60 percent in the team owned by Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez.

However, it is not a for sure thing that Khan will be approved.

According to ESPN’s Len Pasquarelli, via, Khan has a lot of scrutiny to face by the National Football League finance committee.

That means if Khan is going to get the team he better not have any skeletons in his closet in regards to what his company owns.

Even a one percent interest in a horse racing track or a casino will get Khan disqualified as they are huge proponents against gambling.

The latest example of this is that some of the Rooney’s who owned a horse racing track and had to sell their interest in the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the end until the league formally approves Khan nothing is a sure fire thing.