Things will be quiter than usual


Already the effects of a season without a salary cap is already being felt as many teams are not cutting veteran free agents to create salary cap room.

That means news will be hard to come by this offseason.

With veterans not getting cut and very little unrestricted free agents there are going to be very few holes to fill out on rosters .

That means when free agency opens there will be very few signings to talk about.

In the end training camp will not come quick enough this year.

What does NFL’s new site mean?


Accoring to, the National Football League has launched a new website

So, what does the launching of a site totally devoted to the ongoing labor issue mean.

The site meay do more than focus on the current collective bargaining negotiations as the sit will probably be a ongoing refrence site for media and fans that want a $ore clear answer on issue related to the CBA.

However, let’s face it the site was created for mere public relations.

Specifically when things go bad the NFL will be able to claim that they aren’t the bad guys as they let everyone know what their situation was, but the NFLPA.

In the end folks welcom to the NFL version of the War of the Roses.

Smith has a legit complaint


Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith for a while now has been a one man show.

Finally. It looks like Smith is getting sick of it.

According to Tim Sorenson of the Charlotte. Observer, Smith wants another pass catcher that is faster than him.

Considering that wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett has been a out right bust wide receiver is definitely high on the needs list.

The National Football League has become a pass happy league driven by quarterback and wide receiver play.

They appear to have the quarterback in Matt Moore and even have an outstanding running game.

In the end drafting another wide receiver has been long over due.