Will the Bills go after Porter


The inevitable has happened as the Miami Dolphins have released linebacker Joey Porter.

The question is now will the Bills go after Porter?

If the Bills are willing to entertain the idea of trading for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Vick they should definitely go after Porter.

Also, the team may need some more veteran leadership as defensive end Aaron Schobel may retire.

Even at his age Porter is still better than the other current options oppposite of Aaron Maybin who is moving to outside linebacker.

In the end the Bills would be fools to not go after him.

What really needs to be eliminated


National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell cause a little bit of a atir when on Face the Natio he suggested to eliminate the three point stance as a way to reduce head trauma.

What really needs to be eliminated is trapping. and pulling.

The reason is that there is so much force behind a pulling offensive lineman that when he collides with a defender both the defender and offensive lineman’s brain smash against their skulls, which is the cause of concussions.

I know this to be true, because that is what happened to me in my senior year.

I played outside linebacker my senior year and everyday on the scout defense I would get trapped by a offensive lineman as it was a favorite play then.

Everytime that I collided into the pulling gaurd I got a minor concussion,

I love the offensive lineman pullth

In the end as unpopular it may be the move is necessary.

What will the Bills do at left tam


The Buffalo Bills traded away tackle Jason Peters foolishly prior to this past regular season.

With Peters replacement not doing so well Bills fans are wondering what will happen at left tackle.

There are several options for the Bills.

First, they can keep Bell as the starter and let him grow, which would be the sensible thing to do as he made the starter a week before the season opener.

Secondly, they can move Andy Levitre as he was a left tackle in college.

Thirs, they can go out in free agency and get a veteran like Tre Thomas.

Finally, they can draft a tackle in the upcoming National Football League Draft.

In the end the best move is no move as chemistry and communication are key to a successful offensive line.

What direction will Buccaneers defense go


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense last year was a disaster after former defensive coorddinator Jim Bates tried to switch schemes.

With Bates gone one has to wonder what direction the defense will go?

The best course of action for the Buccaneers would be to go back to their cover two scheme.

Then in the draft take bigger defensive players that way down the road in a year or twoi they wll be able to switch schemes.

In the end what head coach Raheem Morris decides will affect his future with the team.