Players will lose a lot of money


CBSsports’s Mike Freeman interviewed National Basketball Association Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban about the NBA’s labor issue, but instead talked about the NFL.

The fact is that players will lose more money than in just 2011.

Cuban stated that National Hockey League players lost over a billion in wages when they were locked out by owners.

What experts are forgetting is that NFL players will lose additional money in 2010 thanks to the uncapped year.

The reason being that players that in most years would have been unrestricted free agents are now restricted free agents.

That means those players will get a mere one year tender instead of a big fat long term contract.

Also, there is no minimum wage for veteran players, which means that owners can pay a unwanted veteran as little as they want.

In the end as the saying goes payback is a bitch.

It doesn’t look good


According to, I’m on my blackberry so I don’t know where they got the story from, Minnesota State governor Tim Pawlenty has stated their is no funding for the Vikings in the new budget.

With the Vikings lease expiring after the 2011 season it look good for the Vikings staying.

For the governor not to place some funding for the Vikings after they have made it clear they are not renewing the lease is just assinine.

A football team means a lot to the tax breaks in the form of sales and income tax.

If Minnesota loses these revenues everything from schools budgets to medicaid will be afftected.

In the end when Pawlenty will regret this at election time.

Evaluations are up next


The hiring of two strength and conditioning coaches filled out the coaching staff for the Buffalo Bills.

That means the coaches will now be evaluating the roster.

This is the crucial point in the offseason as the Bills are plotting what course they want to go with their roster.

First, they will figure out who will fit into what they would like to do and who needs to be replaced on the current roster.

Secondly, they will look at the available free agents and figure out who will fit on their team.

Finally, they will address the holes that they have on their roster through the draft.

In the end who the Bills take in the first round will be predicated on who they sign in free agency.

Leaf is a great example


Former San Diego Chargers quarterback Ryan Leaf has fallen far from grace as he faces drug and burglary charges.
However, Leaf is a great example of why we need to keep drugs out of sports.

The National Football League faces a tough battle on HGH as there is no effective testing as of right now.

That was proven in arrests made by the Federal Bearau of Investigation whose arrests of doctors have caught numerous NFL players using HGH like former San Diego Chargers and New England Patriots safety Rodney Harrison.

The reason being that these drugs are very easy to get addicted to.
In the end if we do not keep fighting the war on drugs there will be more people like Leaf in the world.

Texans will need a new coach after 2010


The Houston Texans have given head coach Gary Kubiak a contract extension as owner Bob McNair cited continuity as a reason for it.

The fact of the matter is that after the 2010 season the Texans will be looking for a new head coach.

Continuity is about the worst reason that an owner can say when keeping a coach.

The reason is that it is nothing more than a lame excuse to not fire a head coach and pay him for sitting on his rear.

I will admit that the Texans are in a tough spot as they have to beat out the Indianapolis Colts every year for the division, which is nearly impossible.

However, the New Orleans Saints proved that it is possible to beat the Colts with a solid game plan, which means the Texans have to change their approach defensively to Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

In the end if Kubiak loses both games next year to the Colts then he should be shown the door.

How much of an impact would Boldin have on Dolphins?


According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Miami Dolphins could possibly pursue a trade for Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin.

That has me wondering how much of an impact would he have on the Dolphins.

Offensively, he would be the number one receiver in the Dolphins offense, which means teams would have to game plan to stop him.

That would allow wide receiver Davone Bess to see single coverages from defense, which should get him open a little bit more.

That would push wide reciever Ted Ginn Jr. to the slot, which would make a very dangerous combination.

However, as good as their receivers would be the offense’s development depends on quarterback Chad Henne.

The reason being that a wide receiver is nothing without a quarterback getting them the football.

In the end the end the Dolphins are foolish as what they should be doing is preparing Henne to be able to run an expanded offense.