How Web 2.0 has affected me


Web 2.0 has had a direct impact on my life as many things that I do in everyday life as the development of Web 2.0 has shifted my life from offline to online.

Even to the point where my wife says that my life is my computer and blackberry.

Sorry ladies it is more of a guy thing as we communicate visually.

Searching through the internet for information on Web 2.0 I stumbled across this list. has compiled a list of the top 15 most popular websites of Web 2.0, which floored me as I use most of them weekly.

WordPress I use daily as it is the driving force behind my blog. I use from time to time when I see a clip in an article on or as a part of a story somewhere.

Also, uses WordPress, which I forgot about until I wrote the last sentence.

Wikipedia has been an invaluable resource as I am constantly using it to look up the careers of coaches.

The worst thing that can happen to a journalist is writing and article with the wrong information.

Instead of trying to navigate through the internet all I have to do is go over to Wikipedia and look up the person’s name.

Thanks to Web 2.0 I was able to ascertain a website that will get my name out there within the media.

This will eventually help me attain my dream of helping the city win a Superbowl as mediums can rally people together and when people come together the power is so overwhelming that a business or a sports team has to respond.

I know as long as the internet keeps changing so will my website as technology is here to make life better for us.

Even my personal life has changed as now I am always connected to my friends and the internet through my blackberry to keep me up what is going on in the regular world like the weather.

With the internet I am always able to keep up and see if some type of inclement weather is on its way.

In the end every person has been affected by Web 2.0 in some way shape or form.

Reed has a better chance in 2011


The 2010 Hall of Fame class was announced today and unfortunately former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Andre Reed was not one of them.

Fortunately, for Reed it does get easier in 2011.

According to the site,   running backs Jerome Bettis and Marshall Faulk, offensive tackle Willie Roaf, cornerback Dieon Sanders, and wide receiver Jimmy Smith become eligible for the hall of fame for the first time in 2011.

Sanders and Faulk are sure to be on the list with the Hall of Fame and probably even Roaf as he had a stellar career.

Usually, there is one player at a position that gets in and with Smith not having as good of a career as Reed, Chris Carter, or Tim Brown it is a sure bet that one of these three will get in.

According to Mark Gaughn of the Buffalo News, Reed made it into the top ten ahead of Carter and Brown.

The fact of the matter is Reed should have went in with Rice as those two players together revolutionized the wide receiver position as they were the two that made run after the catch as important as it is today.

In the end when you got other Hall of Fame members like former Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Michael Irvin and former Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Raven Rod Woodsen saying that Reed deserves to be in he should be in.

Can Terrance stay healthy


Buffalo Bills cornerback Terrance McGee has been an integral part of the defensive back field for the past couple of season.

However, there is still one big question and that is can McGee stay healthy.

Mcgee for whatever reason just cannot stay on the field for all 16 games.

The past couple of seasons its been due to knee injuries.

There is hope fpor McGee though as across town Buffalo Sabre center Tim Conolly has played every game this year after several years of injury plagued seasons.

In the end if McGee is going to turn things around he needs to adjust his workouts and what he does to prepare himself for games as it is too much on his body.

Time to hang them up Torry


According to the Florida-Times Union, via, the Jacksonville Jaguars will release wide receiver Torry Holt on Monday.

That means its simply is time for Holt to hang his cleats up.

Holt is just a mere shadow of what he used to be as he only caught 51 passes for 722 yards receiving.

Also, Holt was not a game breaker as those duties went to wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker.

I am an advocate of players playing for as long as they can, but that is as long as you can make a difference, which Holt cannot anymore.

In a game against the Buffalo Bills there were a couple of passes that Holt would of had in the past, but dropped.

In the end Holt knows his time has passed, but he won’t retire cause he still thinks he has it.

Don’t judge a book by its cover


At first glance New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush looks like a good guy.

However, as the saying goes don’t judge a book by its cover.

Bush has fallen far from grace just this week along.

First, it started earlier this week when TMZ caught Bush on camera partying until 3:30am.

Now according to Channel 10 News in San Diego, California, Bush promised to contribute money to a scholarship program.

That never happened as the program is now out of money and the two young men are now left to scrambling to find other ways to pay for school.

In the end if Bush does nothing it will just go to show that he really is and that is nothing more than a turd.