Who will play where?


With the Buffalo Bills hiring George Edwards as defensive coordinator the Bills will now switch to a 3-4 defense.

So, it is time to look who will moeve to what position.

The nose tackle of a 3-4 derense is the central piece as he is responsible for defending the two gaps between the center ang guards, which should be occupied by Marcus Stroud in 2010.

Defensive ends that should remain Chris Kelsay and Aaron Schobel.

Middle linebackers should be Paul Poszluzny and Kawika Mitchell with Poz handling the strong side or in other terms the tight end side.

One of the outside linebackers will be Aaron Maybin as he has stated he is willing toi make the switch.

The other I don’t know, but I would fill that by going after Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter.

If not Chris Draft is a good possibility considering his play last year.

The defensive back field shouldn’t change with Terrance McGee and Leodis McKelvin the cornerbacks, George Wilson the strong Safety and Jarius Byrd the free safery.

In the end the bigger question will be can they stay healthy.

Edwards hiring is a head scratcher


The Buffalo Bills have finally announced the hiring of George Edwards in an email to the press.

The hiring of Edwards is just simply a head scratcher.

Edwards has never been a defensive coordinator in the National Football League as before he was hired as co-coordinator of the Florida Gators defense in January he was the Dolphins linebackers coach.

If you have been reading the site for a while now the name is a surprise, but the rest isn’t.

To be honest I am dissapointed as Clancy Pendergast was available.

Pendergast ran a 3-4 defense with the Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs, which would makes him more ideal for this situation.

If there is one positive about it Edwards does have experience with turning defensive ends into linebackers as he did that with Miami Dolphins outside linebacker Cameron Wake.

In the end Edwards will give a chance, but it will be on a short leash.

The Bills have a problem


The arrest of former defensive end Anthony Hargrove was thought to be just an isolated instance.

What it really was is a sign that the Buffalo Bills have a problem.

Since Hargrove’s arrest running back Marshawn Lynch was arrested twice and safety Donte Whitner was arrested once.

Also, Whitner on Twitter basically what could be perceived as fraud.

Whitner asked ProFootballTalk.com to help him raise the number of his followers to over 10 thousand.

Once he reached it he would give away two tickets.

The problem is that when Whitner got to 10 thousand he turned around and stated that in order to win you have to predict the exact score of both conference championship.

Making the terms of a contest impossible to reach is fraud.

Whitner most likely will not ne charged as no money was exchange.

There in lies the problem as the Bills don’t hold their players accountable for their off the field actions like the Philadelphia Eagles.

In the end until the Bills hold their players accountable for their off the field actions more incidents like these are sure to come.

Bills may have to move up to get Tebow


Former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow is the name to be watching prior the National Football League Draft and on Draft day itself.

With what Cleveland Browns General Manager Tom Heckert Wednesday about Tebow the Bills may have to trade up to get him.

According to ProFootballTalk.com, Heckert stated that he thinks Tebow will be a good football player as he has everything a team wants for a quarterback

That means Tebow will definitely be in the mix when they pick seventh overall as the Browns do need a quarterback.

Also, there is the possibility that the Saint Louis Rams and the Seattle Seahawks could take a quarterback as theirs are aging.

The Bills are a quarterback away from the playoffs and Tebow could easily solve that.

Even if the Bills want a different quarterback like Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen they are going to have to be proactive as there seems to be a high demand for quarterbacks this year.

In the end its time for the Bills to get aggressive as their passive aggressive nature in past drafts hasn’t worked.