Is third time the charm


The Buffalo Bills have hired Doug Whaley to be their assistant general manager.

Considering that Whaley was the Pro Scouting Coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers one has to wonder if third time is the charm.

Former Buffalo Bills President and General Manager Tom Donahoe prior to being hired by the Bills was the Steelers Director of Football operations.

Donahoe then hired Tom Modrak to be the Bills Director of College Scouting who prior to the Bills was in charge or the Steelers college scouting.

Whaley was the Steelers Pro Scouting Coordinator prior to joining the Bills, which makes him the third Steelers front office executive to be hired by the Bills in a decade. speculates that Whaley at age 37 could be their heir to general manager Buddy Nix since Nix is 70 years old.

Considering that the Steelers have won two Superbowls recently it was time to take another chance at hiring someone from the Steelers.

In the end all of us won’t know if Whaley was the right hire for years to come.

Peyton better lat down the law


New Orleans Saints players were caught on camera partying late into the night.

If the Saints are gonna win the Superbowl head coach Sean Peyton better lay down the law.

TMZ, via, reports that they caught Saints running back Reggie Bush and a couple other Saint players partying late into the night.

Most likely there was a curfew put in place by Peyton in order for them to be rested for practice Wednesday.

Obviously, that was ignored by some players and for that there needs to be consequences.

I recall a story where the Buffalo Bills before a Superbowl, I believe it was XXV, stayed out and partied, which resulted in a loss.

In the end if Peyton doesn’t take action to make sure his players are properly rested the they will get blown out in the Superbowl.

Colt Players Finally Speak out


It has been over a month that the Indidanapolis Colts sat its starters and lost their bid for a undefeated season.

With Tuesday being the Superbowl Media Day Colts players finally spoke out.

According to, Colts center Jeff Saturday was not happy about it as the players had no say over the matter.

That is down right sad as for 14 weeks they worked their butts off and won every game to only have it ripped away by management.

The question is will there be a divided in the lockerroom if the Colts win the Superbowl.

If the Colts win there will always be a sense of distrust as players will be thinking okay what are they gonna take away from us next?

Also, Colts players will always look back on it with regret.

Yes, injured players like Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney should have sat and rested.

However, if a player is healthy it should be their own call as a player knows his own body best.

In the end what people remember of this Colts team will not be that they won the Superbowl, but thwy gave up a shot at history.