Special Master’s ruling is pointless


Special Master Stephen Burbank ruled that the National Football League cannot do away with revenue sharing.

The fact of the matter is that it is not going to matter as there will be very few free agents to spend on anways.

The thing is that this year different rules apply to free agency as players will need six years to become a unrestricted free agent.

That severly limits the number of players that will go into free agency.

Also, many teams usualy don’t spend money on free agents as that is just not the way to build a winning football team in the NFL.

In the end with no minimum amount of money a team has to spend on players teams will just sign their own players and draft picks.

Depression is a never ending battle


Depression affects millions of people here in the United States.

It strike anyone at anytime even a former football players family.

Out of Burleson, Texas police are reporting that the Leanne Novacek, who is the wife of former Dallas Cowboy’s tight end Jay Novacek died, from a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Many people are stunned by the news as in public she always seemed happy.

That is just the way depression works as I too suffer from it.

When people with depression are out with friends they seem normal, but that is due in part that the person is away from stressors.

Once back at home or the work place is when the depression kicks in, because the person doesn’t know how to deal with the stress.

Also, a way a person thinks about stuff controbutes to the depression as for example when something goes wrong they think that it is all their fault when it isn’t.

When out a person with depression doesn’t really have time to think about their problems as they are distracted by errands or things they are doing.

In the end if you are worried that someone in your family has depression you should consult your doctor.

Vick’s ego is gonna get him in trouble


Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Vick appeared on the Dan Patrick Show Monday.

In regards to one question Vick’s ego is going to get himslef in trouble.

Vick was asked where he thinks he rates among Natioal Football League quarterbacks.

Vick answered he thinks he ranks among the top 10.

Top 10! Man is he full of it!

Boxing legend Mohammed Ali and and National Basketball Association legend Michael Jordan, who are the greatest athletes of their sports, struggled after coming back from long hiatuses.

They returned to the top of their sports only after reinventing their games.

If Vick is going to become successful again in the National Football league again it won’t be with his legs as he did before.

This time around it will have to be as a pocket passing quarterback with scrambling when needed as he most likely lost a step.

In the end if Vick cannot do that he will be forever known as the quarterback that threw everything away.

Could Owens be back?


All signs are pointing to Pholadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Vick coming to the Buffalo Bills.

If that happens there is a good chance Owens will be back as well.

Owens in the past has been a staunch supporter of Vick.

He has also stated that he would to play with Vick.

Just them two alone would create a media circus that no Bills fan would have ever seen before.

That alone could be a big enough distration where players can become fixated on trying to some face time on camera instead of concentrating on football.

In the end when you take on players that get a lot of media attention you better be prepared to handle it, or your going to regret it.