Bills should pursue Porter


On ESPN’s Rome is Burning Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter has suggested that the best thing for him and the Miami Dolphins is to trade him as he doesn’t want to be a rotational player.

If the Bills decide to implement a 3-4 defense the Bills should pursue Porter.

Just think about it you would have a starting defense with Aaron Maybin and Porter at outside linebacker with Aaron Schobel and Chris Kelsay at defensive end, Marcus Stroud at nose tackle, with Paul Pozluszny and Kawika Mitchell at middle linebacker.

That is a pretty solid front seven that should give offenses a run for their money.
Porter is 33 years old so the Bills would have to draft another outside linebacker next year to learn under Porter for a couple of years.

To acquire Porter the Bills would most likely have to give up a third or fourth rounder, but it would be worth it as very rarely do those picks work.

Every year there are trades that can be made to improve a football team, and this would be one of them.
In the end the Bills would be fools to not go after Porter.

Wood’s progress not a surprise


Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Eric Wood suffered a gruesome injury this past regular season.

With the weight he carries it is not a surprise that Wood’s recovery is going slowly.

According to the Buffalo Bills website, via, Wood is targeting training camp as his return.

That would sound about right as Wood is quoted as to just starting to walk around in a boot.

The fact is that heavier people take longer to recover due to the amount of stress that is put on an injury from the weight.

However, with the advances in medicine Wood should eventually be fine.

In the end don’t look at it as there is a problem, but that of a man who is battling his way back to the game he loves.

Will the Jets pay Mangold


According to the New York Daily News, via, New York Jets center Nick Mangold wants a new contract after making the Pro Bowl for the second straight Pro Bowl.

The big question is with a lockout coming will they pay him at all?

Mangold’s contract runs out after the 2010 season, which is not so good since there is most likely going to be a lockout in 2011.

That means the Jets can let Mangold’s contract run out if there is a lockout.

Then when things resume the team can franchise Mangold and proceed with a new contract.

That will be the most likely scenario as reports that owners are looking to cut cost anyway they can.

Does Mangold deserve a new contract?

Yes, but it is a business and he is coming up for a new contract at the wrong time.

Mangold will get paid any which way if it is either the Jets or another team as he is a very good young center.

In the end the real questions is can Mangold wait as if he gets impaitient it will cost him some money.

Going after Vick is a mistake


According to ESPN’s Len Pasquarelli, Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey is considering going after quarterback Mike Vick.

Going after Vick would be a huge mistake.

If the Bills were to get Vick the Bills will be expected to make a push for the playoffs by owner Ralph Wilson.

The problem is that Vick in his first year back from his hiatus due to his dog fighting ring.

Also, Vick was only a backup with the Eagles that means he only got a limited amount of reps.

So, when the Bills trade for him it will take him at least a year starting to get back to a level close to where he was.

The question is how close can he get to his old self as he is on the wrong side of 30 years old, which means his skills are now deteriorating.

Even before Vick got caught there were questions of his ability to quarterback due to his ability to read defenses, which didn’t appear to be so good

In the end Gailey is setting himself up for a one or two year stint.

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch


According to, Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is the most sure fire player in the upcoming National Football League Draft, and should go first overall.

As the saying,”don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”
Its too early in the process to declare Suh as the number one pick as there is the NFL combine this month and Pro Day workouts where another player could woo the Saint Louis Rams who have the first overall pick this year..

An example of this is from just a couple years ago when leading up to the Draft wide receiver Calvin Johnson was being complimented as the most sure fire pick in that year.

However, when the Draft came he went number two overall to the Detroit Lions.

All the time during the NFL regular season a game appears to be a sure fire win for one team, but when the game happens the team falls apart and loses for some reason.

In the end as Chris Berman of ESPN would say “that’s why we play the game,” because in life nothing is gauranteed.

Could 2010 be an a experiment?


Natiomal Football League commissioner Roger Goodell appeared on the NFL Network, via, stating that a uncapped year in 2010 is almost certain.

That makes me wonder if the uncapped year is really an experiment.

Most successful NFL teams like the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, and Pittsburgh Steelers don’t even use free agency.

The way they keep a wimming team is that they keep hitting their draft picks.

Also, they allow players to sit and learn for a year or two earning their dues as backups.

If they sign a free agent it is a player for depth and special teams.

When they do spend money it is to sign their own players as the best players for their systems are the ones they drafted.

The fact of the matter is the NFL doesn’t need a salary cap and never will, because in football you need to many good players working together at one time to be successful.

Also, the other key is a franchise quarterback, but it is so hard to get one that every team has realized once you do you pay them no matter what.

In baseball, hockey, or basketball all a team needs is a couple superstars at key positions with role players at the others to win.

In the end the NFLPA in the last collective bargaining negotiations bit more off than they can chew, and now they will pay for it.