Will anyone make a run at McNeil?


According to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union Tribune, the San Diego Chargers tendered starting left tackle Marcus McNeil to the highest possible level.

Still is that enough to keep team from trying to sign McNeil?

The two most sought after positions on offense are quarterbacks and left tackles.

McNeil has proven to be one of the better starting left tackles in the National Football League.

That could attract a team like the Seattle Seahawks or other teams that pick in the top ten of the upcoming NFL Draft as the amount of money they have to shell out for picking there will be just about equal to what McNeil will get.

Signing a player that has the highest level tender will require a team to give up a first and a third round draft pick.

In the end with McNeil only turning 27 years old it would be well worth it.

Good night and good luck.

A breath of fresh air


Most National Football League general managers act like politicians when speaking to the media speaking while saying nothing.

Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff is a different cat.

Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com asked Dimitroff how they were going to structure contracts this year.

Now, most general managers would reply with the typical we will treat this year like everyone else, but not Dimitroff.

“We will definitely get creative this year with our contracts,” Dimitroff replied.

About time someone actually fessed up, because after all there actually are some NFL fans that are really smart.

In the end the Atlanta Falcons should be a good team for many years to come under Dimitroff.

Will Cody keep it up?


Alabama defensive tackle Terrence Cody weighed in at the Senior Bowl at 370.

With Cody weighing in at the Combine at 354 the question is will Cody keep it up.

Its good to see that Cody has realized that he needs to lose weight.

However, the big question is was the motivation behind it was for just merely to boost his draft stock.

For if it is then Cody will stop what he is doing, which will reuly in his weight going right back up.

In the end hopefully Cody will continue with the weight loss and keep it off.

The right moves


The Buffalo Bills today that they will not resign wide receivers Terrell Owens and Josh Reed, along with defensive end Ryan Denney.

The moves were simply the right thing to do.

Both Denney and Reed wore out their welcome a long time ago.

As for Owens he just simply drops the football too much.

Owens will find another starting job somewhere, but the other two will be lucky to find another team.

In the end boys don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Good night and good luck.

A classy move


Buffalo Bills general manager Buddy Nix’s tenure with the team has yet to be defined.

The one thing that you can say for sure iabout him already is that he is a class act.

According to ProFootballTalk.com, the Bills have announced that it will not resign defensive end Ryan Denney and wide receivers Terrell Owens and Josh Reed.

Teams usually don’t say anything in regards to who they will or won’t sign.

In the end it is one move, but a move that says a lot about Nix.

Some times the best move is nothing


Many Buffalo Bills fans have the Bills taking a offensive tackle in April’s National Football League Draft.

However, sometimes the best move is nothing at all.

Many Buffaloians have been very critical of general manager Darcy Regier of making very few trades.

However, he stuck to his beliefs that they have drafted well and need to stick with the guys they got for its just a matter of time.

For that Regier has been rewarded by the Sabres having one of their best regular season since the departure Chris Drury and Danny Briere.

The same should apply to the Bills offensive line.

Yes, it was a rough year for the unit last year.

However, they were comprised of three rookie starters.

It is very rare that a rookie starter is a Pro Bowler right from the very first spot.

Just like any job it takes time to become good at something.

The reality is that the Bills have five capable starters in Demetrius Bell at left tackle Richie Incognito at left gaurd Geoff Hangartner at center with Eric Wood at right gaurd and Andy Levitre at right tackle.

The right move is to let them grow together as a unit, unless Oklahoma State tackle Russell Okung falls in their lap.

In the end hey you never know they could turn out to be good.

Smith has owners shaking now


According to ProFootballTalk.com, National Football League Players Association executive director Demaurice Smith told reporters he is watching how much owners are going to spend when free agency opens March 5th.

Man Smith has NFL owners shaking in their boots now!


Really who the heck does he think he is?

Like owners are going to be scared of him since he has a few political connections.

Hello Mcfly?

Let’s see as I recall there is an NFL owner that is the United States Ambassador to Ireland that has direct ties to the President in Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney.

Also, who are owners going to spend big money contracts on outside of running back Darren Sproles, wide receiver Antonio Bryant, and defensive end Julius Peppers.

Like owners are going to spend big money on a aging running back in Ladainian Tomlinson and injury prone running back Brian Westbrook.

In the end Smith needs to shut up bend over and take one for the team, because when a lockout happens the deal is only going to get worst for the players.

Good night and good luck.

Okung out of reach for Bills


Some experts thought there might be a chance that Oklahoma State offensive lineman Russel Okung would fall to the Buffalo Bills at ninth overall.

Simply, the Bills have a better chance at seeing pigs fly.

Okung benched pressed 225 pounds 38 times, which is second to Arkansas offensive lineman Mitch Petrus who did 45.

If Okung were to run the 40 yard dash in 5.0 seconds or less he will solidify a spot in the top five at the very least.

In the end its time for the Bills to look at other options at offensive tackle.

Did the Bills already call?


According to the Newark Star Ledger, via ProFootballTalk.com, New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese and defensive end Osi Umeniyora had a sit down.

With Buffalo Bills defensive end Aaron Schobel’s future in theair one has to wonder if the Bills enquired about Umeniyora.

Umeniyora’s was benched after week 12 last year as his play wasn’t very good.

That has prompted a reuest to be traded or not play at all.

The Bills most likely have made a preliminary call to see if he is available and if so for how much.

If the Bills can snag Umeniyora for a fourth it would be will worth it as, especially if Schobel retires.

In the end with Gailey’s comments that he will fit his schemes to his players you can expect some head scratching moves.

Bills don’t need linebackers


Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey for the spoke to the media for the first time in a while.

One thing that came out of the press conference is that the Bills don’t need outside linebackers.

When commenting on Aaron Schobel in regards to what he would play if he returns Gailey stated he sees him more as a outside linebacker.

That pretty much means the defensive ends. From last year’s 4-3 will play outside linebacker.

The transition should be easy as the only difference is that an outside linebacker covers more and uses a two point stance.

As for the defensive ends they will most likely be Kyle Williams at the left defensive with Chris Kelsay at the right defensive end, and Marcus Stroud at the nose tackle.

Obviously this could change if Schobel retires or the Bills acquire a nose tackle.

In the end the Bills don’t need a nose tackle as there is no difference from being double teamed in a 4-3 versus a 3-4.