It don’t look for Rams fans


The future of the Saint Louis Rams has been up in the air since former owner Georgia Frontiere died in January of 2008.

According to Bernie Miklaszof the Saint Louis Post Dispatch, via, it is looking even worst now.

The reports states that owners Chip Roosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez have narrowed the potential ownership groups to three.

One of the groups is headed by Saint Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts.

The second is a group that has ties to Toronto and I wouldn’t be surprised that the group is Rogers Communication as it is clear that they want a team.

The third group right now remains unidentified at the moment, but Miklasz states that what he does know of the group is that they are not from Saint Louis.

According to, Howard Blazer reported last week that the current leading bid isn’t Checketts, which means that Checketts is going to have to reach deep into his pockets to pony up some more cash if he wants the team.

If Rogers Communication is one of the bidders it is a smart move as they can have a team locked up and will just have to wait five years when their buyout option comes up in 2014 to move the team without any problem.

With the Bills they would wind up having to wait longer if Wilson lives long enough to renew Ralph Wilson Stadium’s lease.

In the end it is looking like the Ram’s time in Saint Louis is coming to an end.

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