Bills poll on MVP is a joke

Standard conducted a poll to find out which player should be the defensive most valuable player.

The results of the poll makes it look like one big joke.

According to the site, via, defensive tackle Kyle Williams is Bills fans defensive MVP.

Are you serious?  Did you even watch the games people?

The fact of the matter is that free safety Jairus Byrd is the real defensive MVP as his interceptions alone won the games against the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers as it out the offense in great field position.

Williams had a good year when it comes to sacks as he recorded four on the year, but when it comes to the run that is a whole other story.

Watching the game back on my DVR I closely followed the defensive tackles and with Williams it was the same thing over and over again.

Williams against single team blocking was okay at times, but that was very rare.

The reason being teams have figured out that if you use a combination block you can push Williams around, and open a huge hole.

Also, Williams allows the offensive lineman who is releasing to the linebackers a free release as he doesn’t grab on to jerseys or anything else.

All Williams has to do is fall down as both offensive lineman would then fall right over you, which I learned back in high school, which will also free up the linebackers.

In the end Williams is nothing more than a back up as he sure the heck wouldn’t be a starter on a good team.

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