Titans front office taking right approach


The Tennessee Titans were a huge dissapointment in 2009 after going 13-3 in 2008.

Part of the problem was the defensive line, which the Titans are now going to rebuild.

Defensive ends Kyle Vanden Bosch and Jevon Kearse for two season have been huge disappointment.

With Vanden Bosch allowed to test the open market last year he is a sure fire lock to not be resigned.

Fortunately, the Titans already have their replacements on the roster in William Hayes and Jacob Ford.

Hayes took over for Kearse last year and recorded four sacks for the year.

Ford also filled as Vanden Bosch missed time to injuries and recorded 5.5 sacks.

In the end this is what solid franchises do.



A Bruce from the Buffalo Bills four Superbowls is back, but unfortunately its not the more famous one.

According to WIVB-TV, Bills head coach Chan Gailey has hired Bruce Dehaven as the special teams coach.

Dehaven was the special teams coach from 1987-1999.

The Buffalo Bills wrongfully fired Dehaven after the “Music City Miracle” when it was proven scientifically that the the lateral thrown by the Tennessee Titans was really an illegal forward pass.

It was scientifically proven by a professor that the lateral was illegal by calculating angles from the video of the game.

Dehaven is just as good as April, but the difference is that Dehaven is more aggressive.

The special teams shouldn’t see any drop off with Dehaven.

In the end what is holding the Bills back is quarterback.

Leinart’s last chance


Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner announced Friday that he is retiring.

That means quarterback Matt Leinart will step into the starting lineup in 2010 for what will most likely be his last chance.

Leinart’s first time in the starting lineup was less than memorable as he was constantly yanked out of a games by head coach Ken Wisenhunt.

However, Leinart should be vastly improved sitting behind Warner for the past couple of seasons.

That means Leinart is basically on a one year tryout, but with Wisenhint it could be much less if he stinks right away and never improves.

In the end 2010 will finally be the year we will find out about Leinart.

Should the Bills Pursue Merriman?


The Buffalo Bills are most likely going to be switching to a 3-4 defense, which means they will need another starting linebacker.

One possibility they could pursue is San Diego Chargers outside linebacker Shawne Merriman.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, via ProFootballTalk.com, Merriman is a restricted free agent that thinks he is not wanted by his team.

That is case as the Chargers in last April’s National Football League Draft took linebacker Larry English in the first round, and is now Merriman’s backup.

The Chargers have a long list of players that are more important to the team than Merriman that need to be signed

With Merriman being a restricted free agent this year the Chargers will tender him with the highest tender possible to make sure he goes nowhere, which is a first and a third round draft pick.

That way they can then turn around and trade him to get a draft pick back.

The question is now how much will it cost for Merriman?

If I were the Bills I would do a tiered trade with the starting value being anywhere from a fourth round pick to a second round pick in 2011 based on the number of sacks he accumaltes.

The tiers would be this:
1-5 sacks a fourth round pick
5-10 sacks a third round pick
10+ a second round pick

There are moves that can be made to turn the Bills into a playoff contender in 2010 and it is up general manager Buddy Nix to find them.

In the end if Nix doen’t do anything besides draft and sign a couple depth guys the Bills need to start thinking about a new general manager.

How Bad it has Gotten for Bills Fans


It has been over a decade since the Buffalo Bills have appeared in a playoff game.

ESPN’s Tim Graham article on the top five best and worst Superbowl moments reminded me of just how bad it has gotten in Buffalo.

The worst Superbowl moment for Graham is wide right from Superbowl XXV.

You know just how pathetic it had gotten when you sit there and think to yourself man I would even settle for that.

That moment is one of the most painfullest moments in my life seeing that football sail wide as at that moment in time you didn’t know if the Bills had it in them to bounce back the following year.

Even making the playoffs and losing in the wild card round would be great at this point.
In the end who knows when the Bills will make the playoffs again.

Old Habits Die Hard


The Cincinnati Bengals looked to have been improving when it comes to players getting in trouble.

As the saying goes old habits die hard.

According ro ProFootballTalk.com, Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga was arrested in Kentucky for driving under the influence.

There is an obvious problem within the Bengals as each and every year someone on the Bengals gets arrested in the offseason for DUI.

There are two ways to solve this issue.

First, draft players that value spending time with loved ones more than partying, which won’t happen as the Bengals scouting department is small and doesn’t have time to look into those things.

The other is to provide transportation whenever their players go out partying.

In the end something must be done as these incident can’t keep going on.